The Best Olympics Apps to Prepare for Tokyo 2020

There is still a fair length of time until the Tokyo 2020 Olympics are here, but it’s never too early to get excited for another instalment of the world’s greatest sporting event. Olympic athletes will have been preparing for their big moments for years, if not a lifetime, so it is only fair that fans put in some preparation of their own. Here’s a look at four of the best apps that will be the ideal companion for Tokyo 2020 but that can also provide a useful outlet for that Olympic spirit in coming months.

The official app of the Games

It would be unwise to start anywhere other than the official app of the Olympic Games. That endorsement from the Games themselves means that the app has all the official and iconic images that characterize the event. With well over 300 events spread across 33 sports, it is an almost insurmountable task to stay on top of everything that’s going on. However, the official app is your best bet to remain as up to date as possible. The app also features past results from previous Games, so fans can brush up on previous champions and relive their favourite Olympic moments before Tokyo 2020.

Team USA

It should be noted that other nations are available. Part of the joy of the Olympics is seeing nations from all over the world come together in friendly competition, but conversely, there is also joy in cheering on your compatriots. The Team USA app filters the Olympics news to focus on the fortunes of American athletes. The app was launched for the 2016 Olympics to moderate success. Expect the teething problems to have been resolved in time for 2020, with more nations now releasing official apps to bring fans that bit closer to the athletes.

Following your favourite team is made easier through their app. Source: Team USA via Facebook.

Mr. Green

For fans of mainstream sports like soccer and tennis, there are opportunities for betting all year round. The Olympics is unique in that it provides something for everybody, with sports that traditionally gain less coverage given equal footing to the big names. This extends into the betting app from Mr. Green, with punters able to peruse odds for everything from running to rowing during the Olympics. The intuitive navigation of the app is a strength all year round, but it really comes into its own during the Olympics when searching through the vast selection of events. No matter how obscure the Olympic event, it is very likely covered in this app.

Athletics: Summer Sports

Every Olympics inspires a wave of people to become resolved to take up new sports. Sometimes facilities for the more niche Olympic sports are not always readily available, which is where Athletics: Summer Sports comes in. The app recreates the thrill of 30 events in a 3D environment, with crowd noises and celebrations immersing players in the sporting action. With the chance to break world records and challenge friends via split-screen, it is as close as many of us will get to experience the Olympic buzz firsthand.

More apps will pop up in the coming months as app developers get swept up in the excitement of Tokyo 2020, but it is always smart to get ahead of the curve. This quartet of apps can provide the perfect boost to the Olympic spirit and tide you over until the world’s gaze turns to Tokyo in the summer of 2020.