ConnectSocial – A Secure Social Network App

Social media security is important in this day and age. Even though the big social network companies do their best to protect us online, there are flaws that really don’t get covered. Everyone wants a safe and secure network, a place where you can trust users and enjoy engaging with each other. That’s the reason why we want to introduce the ConnectSocial app, it’s the secure social network app design with security in mind and protecting your privacy.

ConnectSocial allows you to communicate safely, securely and completely express yourself. The app gives you the option of moderating what goes on, such as hiding post, disable comments and if you get any abuse, this can be reported quickly and easily. You can create a social network where you can share pictures, message friends and family, create events and much more.

To start using the app you will have to sign up by filling out the form that requires your name and email address. You will also able to select the username you want to use online. Once you sign up and verify your details you will be able to start creating a post or adding contacts by searching them within the app. You can immediately view pictures and videos uploaded by other users. You can comment, share or like what you find and even add the user to your contact.

Now the majority of social networks are free but they don’t really offer what ConnectSocial does. The app is built on the principles of privacy, it’s ad-free, secure and reliable, it’s a self-moderating community. This is the reason why it’s a subscription-based app and costs $0.99 per month or $7.99 per year. It’s a small price to pay for added security and peace of mind.

ConnectSocial is available on Apple App Store and Google Play store. Download for Free.