Name Skillz App, Remember the Name of Everyone Easily

Remembering the names of people you meet can sometimes be a difficult task. If you’re like me and easily forget the name of the person you met 10 minutes ago, then you need a way to train your brain to recall the name they told you. It can be embarrassing when you see that person a few days later and you’ve completely forgotten their name. You stand there look like a complete fool trying to guess their name and of course, you will end up saying the wrong thing. There’s a neat app available for iOS and Google Play call Name Skillz that will no doubt elevate this embarrassment.

Name Skillz teaches you the right technique to get you remembering names and never forget

ting them. The app works in three easy steps. By using pictures you will learn how to turn them into names, you practice by using flashcard learning and the app includes virtual people so you can test if you are on the right track. The more you practice the more likely you are to master the technique of remembering people names. The app allows you to gain rank from newbie to master as you continue to practice. With the gold awards earned, you can unlock secret bonus flashcards.

Getting started is easy. Once you open the app you are greeted with the lessons tab. Tap on that and it takes you through to theset of lessons with a pleasant voice talking you through what you need to do. The first few pages are mini-class teaching techniques critical to remember names well. So it’s vital you go through the chapters carefully. Each chapter has a quiz to test your knowledge. Finish the chapters and the quizzes to unlock bonus practice flashcards. It’s best if you finish the chapters before continuing to the practice tab. The app walks you through different sections and trains your brain to get it right. According to the app, bizarre associations help you remember because your brain sees it as unusual. You can practice at your own pace. The app allows you to edit the default association cards so you can create your own that you can remember. There are weird ways the app suggesting remembering names, such as associating James with chains, John with Toilet seat, Elizabeth with lizard breath and so on. To move onto the virtual name section you will need to learn at least 30 names to unlock that section

The app has over 200 popular names which you can learn and memorize.

Name Skillz is available for £4.99. You can download it for iOS and Android.