Try Your Commanding Skills and Go into Battle against your Enemies – Rule and Conquer

War never changes. But war games do. Strategy games for smartphones have become more impressive and complex over the years. The conquest of the world lies in the palm of your hand, if you can outsmart your enemies. If you are looking for a unique and innovative strategy game to test your tactical mind, finding it among so many of these games is not quite easy. To make the search easier, we looked and we have one incredible multiplayer strategy game for you. Let’s see what the game is all about.

What is Rule and Conquer all about?

The Rule and Conquer is a real time multiplayer strategy game which will test your commanding and strategy skills each time to go into a battle to defeat your enemies. This a unique combination of a real time and turn-based strategy that gives the players complete tactical control over the battle. With innovative gameplay and HD sharp 3D graphics, you will be able to choose when to fight without the enemy to attack you when you are out of the game. Go into battles and try to defeat the enemies to conquer and get your empire.

Standout features

This real time multiplayer strategy game has to offer you amazing features that will also allow you to make a phone call during your battle and still have your chance to win the battle. With this game, the player’s commanding and strategy skills will be tested and he will get to feel complete independence, proving himself into the battles. With amazing innovations to keep your attention, the multiplayer strategy offers a chance for you to create your own empire and name. When you play, just by going into a battle with your troops you will need to try and defeat the enemies to get your chance to conquer and rule the empire. Create the smartest strategy to defeat the enemies and for each victory you will receive gold and other achievements for your skills. Use the collected gold to level up and test your skills in more challenging battles against your enemies.

Download Rule and Conquer for free on App Store and go into battle against your enemies to conquer!