What You Need to Know About Wireless Charging


Could the USB charging cords become obsolete soon? We have been carrying these charging cords in our pulses for too long now. With various companies scrambling to develop new technology, the future is bright for smartphone users. This article will provide information about the future of wireless charging technology that you need to know. But first, let us start with the basics.

What is Wireless Charging Technology?

Let us state some facts here. Wireless charging as we understand it today is not wireless. Three wireless charging techniques are employed in the market today.

Inductive Charging

This is what you currently see in the market- for devices like watches or smartphones where the charger is plugged into an outlet. The device is required to have contact with the charger. Does not sound completely wireless, right? That is why we said we do not have a complete wireless charging solution.

Resonance Charging

This is a step up from the previous inductive charging. It works using the same principle only that it does not form a` direct loop, but the coil develops a magnetic field. If you work on the same frequency, watches or phones can pick the magnetic field leading in a charge. Because it charges from a` distance, magnetic resonance will soon be used to charge all devices.

Radio Frequency Charging

As you might have guessed this is a charging that uses radio waves to charge devices. The significant difference between magnetic resonance charging and RF is that it does not create a magnetic field but instead makes use of electromagnetic waves. Resonance and RF charging show that there is a future for wireless replenishment technologies.

Old Ideas Finding New Life

Beyond how it functions, wireless charging is not an entirely new concept. Magnetic induction which formed the basis of inductive charging was discovered in the 1800s. The concepts behind current wireless replenishment technologies can be traced back to the 20th century. Here are the current charging solutions that are available today.

Power Mats

This is where most of the current wireless charging solutions fall under the plate or mat variety. Just lay your phone or watch and allow the charging to start. This technology is dominating restaurants and coffee shops with the charger built into a counter-top or table.


This is a real company that adopts a multiple-gadgets approach where you can charge many devices at once. The good news is that you don’t require dedicated chargers for every device you have.

Charging Bowl

This is a hybrid between the powersquare and mat, you only require dropping any of your devices and immediately charging begins. The upcoming wireless charging technology will set most users free. No wires. No charging plates. The electricity will be available to charge your devices throughout.

The Future of Wireless Charging

Wireless charging could soon prove to be a game-changer in charging technology. As we saw earlier, our society perhaps is mobile, but it is not entirely wireless. Order Furniture Company has already a resonant charging system in all their products. What about the real game-changers? We have given examples of the

WiTricity home charging pad. However, charging that involving a large distance is still being worked on.

In recent years, wireless charging has become common in our daily lives. More than five hundred devices available in the market including watches or phone are charged wirelessly. If you have been using an electric toothbrush, then you only need to put it on, and it begins to charge instantly. This is the same concept that your phone will use to charge. Developers are now worried about the scalability of the wireless charging projects. This tech will be used by many people in the days to come.

A pure mobile society is one that does not use wires to charge watches or phones. Even as we talk about our devices, there is a higher possibility that we will not achieve a complete wireless charging solution. This implies that people who depend on cordless charging technologies might be forced to look for alternatives.


Wireless charging is a technology that allows charging your devices without them being in contact with the charger. You don’t need to attach your phone or watch a charger anytime you wish to charge. If you want more information about wireless charging, then read this aticle for more details.