XtayPro – Next Gen Shopping Community

Sometimes it can be quite time-consuming when you search for products and items that cannot be found anywhere in your country. Because of that reason, many shopping tools are being developed to help you find anything you are looking for without wasting your time.  In the search for the best shopping platform, we’ve discovered an amazing sharing economy platform for transportation of items using the spare luggage space of travelers – XtayPro.

What is XtayPro all about?

XtayPro is a shopping app is a sharing economy platform for transportation of small and medium-sized parcels by utilizing the spare luggage space of travelers. Developed for iOS users, easy to use and efficient, this app helps you get some cool products you wish for from overseas and are not available in your country. Also, if you are traveling yourself and are willing to make some bucks by helping someone get an item with this app you can voice it and at the same time make new local friends as well.

Why do we love XtayPro?

This shopping platform provides with 3 main services, purchase and ship so the travelers personally buy the items, to ship only without the purchase, and for travel support like airport pick up and tax refund assistance. New features are also developed as new UI/UX and payment gateways. Before making a request, you can search first because someone might be offering the item you want already. Everything is negotiable before accepting the terms of the other party. Post your trip or request and because people are traveling every day you will get a match fast.

The app offers a complete safety, check profiles and transaction history of users and also you are provided with an escrow service to ensure your transaction, your money will be held until the transaction is complete, giving you back the full deposit free of charge and in case of fraud the deposit of users is given to you for making it up to you. After successful transactions give and receive ratings. Make new friends and get to know new cultures while you are making some money.

Download the app for free on the App Store to find travelers post a trip or request an item from travelers!

Official Website: XtayPro

Official Website: XtayPro