FameTime – Reinventing Photo Sharing

For a lot of us, the only reason you even snap a photo in the first place is so you can share it with family and friends. There are many apps and networks now available where you can share your photos with friends and followers, get likes and views and enjoy the attention, showing your creativity. However, among so many of these apps if you look something a little bit different can be hard to find. We looked and we have an amazing social and photo sharing app for you to try.

What is FameTime?

FameTime is an amazing social networking app for photo posting and sharing which redefines social media on the fact that the better the photo, the longer is viewed. Easy and fun to use, developed for iOS users with clean UI design, the photo-sharing app offers you to snap and share cool photos with friends and followers. You will get attention and let people discover and enjoy your creativity by viewing astounding photos. Also, users get cool stats about their photo posts. See how famous can each of your photos can get and know that every second your photo is viewed counts.

FameTime – The better the photo, the longer it is viewed!

This social and photo sharing app promotes actively viewing photographs instead of robotically clicking the like button as you scroll down the feed. A better Photo is looked longer and the like does not do any justice to the photo if the photo is not admired. The more viewed photos, the more famous the photo and the user become. Users can also put clever and funny captions on photos to encourage followers to click on the view it.

The FameSeconds are the number of seconds the photo is been viewed and they start to be counted when the user clicks on the photo and end when the photo is closed. View duration of the photos you post to see the fame they reach. Click anywhere on the photo to open it. Connect with friends and followers, capture, upload and share photos online and get a chance to become FameTime famous! Take photos that inspire, look amazing and be sure to bring something that is original. Become famous by getting most of the seconds and love from the FameTime users.

Download the app for free now on App Store to share cool and original photos with friends and followers!

Official Website: FameTime