App Review – Peek’d Chat Stories

If you live and breathe horror, then the thought of carrying scary stories with you everywhere you go probably sounds like a dream come true. Thankfully, with the advent of smartphones, that nightmare has become a reality with the amazing chat story app that offers you the chance to read and even write your own horror stories. We looked and we found one amazing chat story app that offers you bone-chilling interactive horror chat stories and stories from other genres too.

What is Peek’d Chat Stories?

Peek’d Chat Stories is an amazing chat story app which is developed for iOS users, easy to use and user-friendly, offering the users a chance to read hundreds of bone-chilling mystifying, interactive stories that use text, video, sound, choosing their own ending twists that pull them into the action. Each line of the story is delivered to the user one haunting chat message at a time. For users, not fans of horror, the app offers other types of genres they can choose to read and enjoy. The best thrillers, dramas, mysteries, horrors, and sci-fi are waiting for you to read.

Why do we love this app?

This app offers users to read and write addictive chat stories. All stories available within the app are 100% written by the app’s community of users. The app is running regular competitions where users can vote for their favorite stories. From thrillers, dramas, mysteries, horrors to sci-fi’, the app offers the most addictive, bone-chilling interactive chat stories for you to enjoy, with new stories added daily. The chat stories are bite-sized stories told in text message format one line at a time and each story becomes a discussion.

You can tag other users, comment, respond, and make your voice heard. Each user aside from reading can also write his stories and can interact with fans, gain followers, and build a library of content to share on and off-platform. Votes determine the top stories and a panel of judges determines the ultimate winners. Tell your story with text, images, and emojis and grow your following. Every week a cash prize is waiting to be claimed while you have a chance to get recognized by publishers and other readers. Discover stories for any mood just pick up your phone and read stories full of thrilling surprises, interesting characters, cliffhangers, and bone-chilling mysteries.

Download the app for free on the App Store to read hundreds of addictive interactive chat stories from different genres!

Official Website: Peek’d Chat Stories