Best iPhone Security Apps to Safeguard your Privacy

Being an iPhone user, we may not feel the need for any additional security app or service to secure your data because Apple has its own security and privacy protection system. This system prevents your personal data from hackers and malicious sites. For example, the iMessage app in the iPhone uses end-to-end encryption to send and receive messages from other Apple devices. Although there are fewer chances to get your iPhone or iPad infected by malware or hacked it does not mean that the iPhone is completely immune to vulnerabilities and hacks. Some experts think that it is a big misconception in the mobile phone world that Apple devices are more secure than Android.

By owning an iPhone, you might be thinking that iPhone doesn’t require any third-party app to keep it safe from hackers. But unfortunately, this is only a myth. If you own an iPhone then you are as vulnerable to malicious online attacks, annoying ads, and hacks as any other operating system in the tech world.

In the past, the iPhone has been caught up in quite a few security incidents. In fact a few years ago, Apple had to release a software update in emergency after a Wi-Fi security flaw in iPhone was encountered which allowed the hackers to take full control of your device. And many of us surely know about the Spectre security breach that infected many iPhones, iPads and Macs. Although Apple fixed the issue quite quickly it shows that your iPhone is fully protected from hackers and malware.

There is a number of ways to protect your iPhone privacy with Apple’s own settings but there are also many antivirus and security apps available in App Store that can protect your private data in iPhone to the fullest. These security apps help you to turn your iPhone into an impenetrable fortress. Installing the right security app will protect your data from both web-based vulnerabilities and hackers around the world. Keep reading to find out the details.

Avira Mobile Security

Avira Mobile Security is designed by a German-based company and it is considered one of the most effective and trusted antiviruses for PCs. Although this antivirus security doesn’t offer the same malware protection features for smartphones still it is crammed with many useful and data protection features. It has a great phishing protection for blocking the malicious websites to help you browse online safe and secure. Its ‘Identity Safeguard’ automatically scans your and your contacts’ email addresses and alerts you on time when there is any security breach. The versatile contacts Backup feature protects your address book, email the updates at your ID and also make a backup of the data directly into the Google Drive or Dropbox. It has its own anti-theft module. It automatically scans your iPhone. So putting all these features together, Avira Mobile Security is a perfect choice for iPhone users.

Mobile Security & Anti-Theft Protection for iPhone

If you are looking for a freemium security app then ‘Mobile Security’ might be a suitable choice for you. It has an impressive mix of security and privacy-related features. Its free features also include a Vault, which is used to keep confidential files and photos by securely hiding them. Its Safe Browsing lets you surf the internet by keeping your internet usage safe from annoying ads. It has an alarm system as well to prevent the iPhone theft. If you want to back up your data then you have to upgrade to the premium plan.

Lookout: Security and Anti-theft Protection

With four layers of in-depth protection, Lookout is another security app which shields your iPhone. Its powerful security tools monitor and analyse the common security vulnerabilities like monitoring the running apps and notify you if you connect your iPhone to a hack-able Wi-Fi network. The app has a wonderful anti-theft technology set including device location tools and an alarm plus a backup service to keep your contacts and photos safe and secure. The monthly Premium Plus version packs with a complete identity theft protection service.

McAfee Mobile Security

McAfee mobile security is one another app having security services like anti-theft, secure storage of media files, contacts backup and more. The app has interesting features and interface. The Media Vault is there for you for a special purpose. You not only can save your photos and videos in it but also can click your photos or videos directly from the vault camera and the app automatically saves these clicks into the vault. If you are using iPhone X, you can open the vault with your Touch ID or Face ID. The anti-theft feature lets you track your lost or stolen device on a map and even activate an alarm which sounds even in silent mode. Its CaptureCam feature takes the picture of the intruder and emails it to you.

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