Game Review – Mosaic Magic: Jigsaw Puzzle Evolution

The benefits of puzzles cannot be overlooked. From helping with your hand-eye coordination and visual perception, to improving your problem solving skills and short-term memory, among many others, they are also a great way to reduce your screen time. Puzzle games are quite popular and because of that choosing the most exciting and challenging one can be hard. To help, we looked and found one amazing puzzle game where you can relax and enjoy the cool mosaic art.

What is Mosaic Magic?

Mosaic Magic is an incredible puzzle game, very addictive and fun and yet challenging for your brain. Easy to play, even with one hand, this jigsaw puzzle game is developed for iOS users, offering the players an amazing mosaics crafting experience.  With innovative and unique game concept, this game offers a selection of 3 mosaic pieces relevant to your current screen that can be dragged to be placed on the playing field.  The unique colorful mosaics art style is a great relaxation and anti-stress experience for each player, challenging him while he enjoys the mosaic art.

Mosaic Magic Highlights

This puzzle game is not limited to the single screen but also you can freely scroll around the puzzles and zoom in and out with a pinch gesture or a double tap. It is even possible to rotate the device and play in the horizontal mode. Each puzzle has two modes, the beginner with regular grid of the mosaic tiles suitable for kids and the advanced mode that is more challenging for grown-ups. To make the missions more challenging, players can turn off the hints by default and rely just on the shapes of the puzzle pieces.   When the puzzle is solved, players can zoom out and see the complete pure magic.

For each completed puzzle, the player gets a fascinating 3d time-lapse video that can be shared with others. Power-up pieces, combos and super-moves are offered as well for more excitement, multiplying the scores of the player. The awesome library of huge mosaic jigsaws up to 1200 pieces is offered with constant updates. Players can choose from lots of puzzle categories from animals and pets to fantasy architecture and technology. Automatic saving of your progress upon any game interruption is available for the players.

Download the game for free on App Store to solve the jigsaw puzzle and enjoy the mosaic art style!