Stoves Richmond 600G Gas Cooker with Full Width Electric Grill – Review

Christmas is just around the corner and it’s that time of year when a lot of cooking goes on. It’s important to have a fully working cooker that’s large and good enough to manage all the extra food that will be going through. You also need a cooker that looks good in the kitchen. The Stoves Richmond 600G gas cooker is probably the best present you can get yourself for Christmas to make sure dinner goes as planned.

The cooker has a bit of an edge over standard stoves. It helps to master those mealtimes by performing as a slow cooker function as well as the traditional cook method. It is very kind on your utility bill because it has an A/A rating for energy efficiency.

The slow cook function is perfect for those times when throwing a dinner party and you are not ready to eat at a certain time. The food will slowly heat through and not overcook or spoil; so you can concentrate on your guests, without worrying about whether the food is going to burn or dry out from overcooking.

The main gas oven is perfect for traditional cooking and you will love the way the shelves simply glide out so you can monitor the food as it cooks. The shelves sit on handy telescopic runners – allowing for the cook to check on your culinary delights.

One of the greatest aspects of this oven it the way is cooks a roast. The food will still come out very juicy and the cooker does not dry out the meat in any way.

The meat always comes out deliciously succulent, full of its juices and beautifully cooked. Imagine your guests’ faces when you carve that succulent shoulder of lamb, the flowing juices of a barbecue chicken or the beef shank that simply falls off the bone.

The roast potatoes cook to a crispy, golden finish without burning or charring and the fluffiness of the potato white inside is brilliantly maintained.

The Richmond 600G Gas Cooker has a full-width electric grill. This is perfect for heating rashers of bacon, toasted and Welsh rarebit. The cooker even has an automatic safety shut off, so leaving something under the grill to burn for too long will trigger its safety shut down.

The features you will love about this cooker are the ceramic enamel inside, its connected timer (that works via Bluetooth) and the slow closing cast aluminium lid. The gas hob has a great material made from enamel and supports both cast iron pans and woks easily.

This means the cooker is perfect for preparing those Asian dishes and Italian bolognese just as brilliantly as it can prepare that succulent Sunday roast too. Made by Stoves, the Richmond 600G Gas Cooker retails at just £799 from