Bosch Unlimited Cordless Vacuum Cleaner with up to 60 Minutes Run Time – Review

Cordless vacuum cleaners have been around for a while now, but this product has never really taken off in the way we have seen in the last three years or so. In fact, they are now all the rage. So what has happened?

When Dyson introduced the market to the cordless vacuum cleaner, it was out of reach to most consumers with a hefty price tag. Then a number of new manufacturers began to replenish the market with cordless vacuum cleaners that are charged up in much the same way as we charge our mobile phones.

The latest and most innovative of these new cordless vacuum cleaners are from Bosch. The Unlimited BCS101GB model runs with up to 60 minutes of vacuuming time before a new charge is required. Many of the cordless vacuum cleaners on the market can only manage about half that time.

This makes the Bosch Unlimited BCS101GB a real market leader and it receives constant rave reviews. One of the features that users have found with cordless vacuum cleaners from some manufacturers is that they don’t seem to have much suction: but the Bosch Unlimited BCS101GB most certainly does!

It will leave the entire home spotless and offer a thoroughly deep clean throughout. It also comes with a clever brush head that will assist the cleaning process and give great results on any floor type.

Then there is the dustbin attached within the model itself. It is so easy to remove and clean. Cleaning the dust from the chambers of cordless vacuum cleaners has long since been a complaint from users of earlier models of this type. So, it is good to know that the cleaning process is an effortless one here.

The brushes are also a great feature of the Bosch Unlimited BCS101GB. The High Power All Floor Brush gives fantastic results whether it cleans a carpet, a linen floor, wood finish flooring or stone.

It also manages to reach those very difficult spots that conventional vacuum cleaners never could. The areas like the corners and the close skirting boards will all get the deep clean these parts have been waiting so long to have.

The motor is also very powerful and has been specially designed to last. Its motor is a Digital Spin type and this means durability and value for money. The Bosch Unlimited BCS101GB is being sold at for £307.