Phone Calls Can be Much More Fun with the FLASH App – Review

Messaging apps allow you to share pictures, images and even GIFs. However, the user smartphone screen as always been boring and shows only the callers number. Well, the days of boring caller ID screen are over. With the FLASH app, you can spice up your caller ID.

Flash, which is available on iOS and Google Play store, gives you the option to send pictures to your friend’s phone whenever you call them, so they can see what you’re up to. Flash can be used to ask family and friends for advice by using pictures. Imagine you’re at a great party that one of your best friends are missing out on. Take a selfie of you and the people at the party and use Flash to invite them over in a cool way. When you share the picture it will be displayed on the recipient’s screen with captions, stickers and filters.

The app has a lot of options and filters which you can add to your pictures when editing. You can add all sorts of stuff to get your friends to answer your calls if they have been ignoring you. There’s also a ton of emojis that spice things up even more. There’s a cool feature whereby you can send private photos which are password protected and automatically deletes after a period of time. Flash also has a messenger app which allows you to do even more like group messaging and live chat.

Flash is easy to use. Download the app from either iOS or Google Play Store. Go through the introductory slides and then tap sign up. You will also need to allow Flash to send notifications which you will be prompted to. You then choose the country you’re in from the drop-down tab and enter your mobile number. Make sure you use the correct number because you will be sent a four-digit code for verification. Enter the code within the app and you are all set. You then set up your profile and “start flashing”. Flash will also need permission to access Contacts, Microphone, Camera and Photos so make sure you tap OK. You can now start using the app to spice up your calls and intrigue your friends.

Flash is free to use and download. It’s a great way to start communicating with friends in a different and cool way.
Watch the video below to see Flash in action.