Christmas Gifts for Gadget Lovers for Under £100

If you are struggling for gift ideas for the gadget lovers in your life this Christmas, then you have come to the right place. You are actually lucky because we will take the stress out of the running around that you have to do this year. We will save you time and effort because it’s sometimes hard to please people with the gifts you get them. However, our list will make you the favourite person for the rest of 2019. The gifts below are all under £100 and will give any gadget lover a Christmas to remember.

Let’s start off with the best one on our list.

Playstation Classic

If you’re over 30 years old, you will no doubt remember the original PlayStation released in 1994-1995. Sony has decided to let us all relive the 32bit era playing retro games but on your modern day TV. The Playstion Classic is pre-loaded with 20 of the best titles from the past. There’s Tekken 3, Metal Gear, Final Fantasy, Grand Theft Auto and much more. This is was released on December 3rd, so only a few days ago. The new PlayStation Classic is much smaller and more powerful than the one back in 1994. The true gadget lover will no doubt adore this. You can purchase a PlayStation Classic from Amazon for only £89.

Ring Video Doorbell

Gadget lovers are absolutely protective of their home and what all the expensive items they have there. What better way to add some extra security to the gadget lovers life by getting them a Ring Video Doorbell so they can see who’s at their door even if they are not home. The Ring doorbell has been around for some time now but I personally think they were expensive. The company might have realised this and decide to release a less expensive doorbell at a price that most will be able to afford. For £89 you cannot go wrong and whoever you purchase this for will guaranteed to love and adore you forever. All right that might be too far fetched but I sure they will appreciate it. You can get a Ring Video Doorbell from

DJI Tello Drone

Everyone would love a Drone for Christmas, I know I would. It’s probably one of the best gadgets you can have for the past 2 years. Owning a Drone allows you to look like the cool kid amongst your friends. Give this to any gadget lover and they will head straight to the local park, even on Christmas day. You have over 10 minutes of flight time with a maximum distance of 100 metres. The DJI Tello also records HD video and takes 5MP photos. You can control the Drone from your smartphone or tablet using an app. The DJI Tello Drone is available for £98.61 on Amazon.

Google Home Mini Hands-Free Smart Speaker

Every home needs a smart speaker, whether it’s an Echo dot, Apple HomePod or a Sonos One it’s a cool gadget to have. We opted to have the Google Home Mini Hands-Free Smart Speaker in our list due to the fact you can get one for under £30. It’s one smart speaker that you cannot go wrong with. The gadget lover can keep up to date with the latest tech news, weather and commute updates without having to check your phone. The Google speaker is also compatible with smart lights and thermostats so you can control your home making it all smart. The Google Home Mini is available for only £25 the cheapest we could find and can be purchased at

Sony MDR-XB950AP Overhead Headphones

For every commuter and music lover, the Sony MDR-XB950AP is a great gift for Christmas or any time of year for that matter. You can immerse yourself in your music playlist and block out the world with built-in noise-isolating design. They connect through a standard 3.5mm audio port, so they’ll work with most phones (not the iPhone X, unless you have an adapter) and tablets. With an integrated play, pause and call handling buttons, you can control your music without having to touch your phone. For only £59 you can pick-up a Sony MDR-XB950AP on Amazon.

Huawei MediaPad T3 8″ 16GB Wifi Tablet

Every gadget lover needs a tablet or two. Yes, we could mention the Apple iPad Pro because it’s probably the best on the market this year, however, this list is for gadgets under £100. This is the reason why the Huawei MediaPad fits perfect on our list. It’s worth £99 but does have a lot of features for you to appreciate it as a decent tablet. With 16GB of storage and up to 8 hours of battery life, you can use the tablet for a lot of entertainment, like streaming and checking social media. Currys/PC World is selling the Huawei MediaPad for only £99.

Logitech G633 Gaming Headset

For the gamer, whether it’s 2 hours of 12 hours you need a decent headset to make sure you can get crystal clear 7.1 Dolby Surround Sound audio. Perfect for online gaming where you can chat with friends and coordinate your teammates. The Logitech G633 is guaranteed to work with a majority of Windows computers. It’s got a noise-cancelling microphone to make sure you can be heard clearly. The gaming headset comes with a rechargeable battery for constant performance throughout your gaming. Your gadget lover can get this in there Christmas stocking for only £92. Grab the Logitech G633 Gaming Headset from Amazon.

That wraps up our list of Christmas Gifts for Gadget Lovers for Under £100