Unnamo the Earthworm is a Very Cool Concept Mix of a Game & Interactive Book

Role-playing and interactive books allow players and readers to step into the shoes of heroes and change their world. Even more important, role-playing games let the imagination of the player thrive because they frequently allow players to customize the characters to be exactly who and what they’d like them to be. But today we will speak about a game that is more than just a role playing game. A game that mixes a cool character, his story and an adventurous interactive gameplay. A game that lets you have fun deciding what will happen next in the story. Let’s discuss about the game named Unnamo the Earthworm.


What is Unnamo the Earthworm?

Unnamo the Earthworm is an exciting and fun interactive casual game which is especially created as a book and game as well for those who like to read and play.  In this game developed for android users, you have the chance to dive into the adventures of the award-winning interactive fairy tale. The Unnamo’s character has four sides, each side with its own virtues and vices. Your task here is to help Unnamo to conquer the world and find his fortune. Lead and enjoy the exciting adventures.

Why you’ll love it

This interactive role playing game and the features offered will certainly get each player hooked to the game on his first try. All the player needs to do is to wait for the time to come and choose the side of the Unnamo character that should lead a certain adventure. Your choice as a player is what will happen next and in that way you become the co-author of the story.

Touch various objects and they will move, sing or make you smile in other ways. Read text on your own or simply switch on the Teller. This is an interactive story offering more than 20 different scenes and a wealth of interactive characters and objects, and just with a click they will reveal their surprise. Listen to the story or read it by yourself or choose the professional recorded voices. Wonderful illustrations and cute characters are available and you can use the app even when offline.

Try to lead the adventures of Unnamo and become co-author of the story! We promise great and fun times.