Five Ways Pixel 2 XL Beats iPhone X

There are enough goodies offered by the Pixel 2 XL to lure some people away from the much hyped iPhone X. Here are reasons why Pixel 2 XL could be a better choice for you:


Unlimited Google Drive space: With Pixel 2 XL, you get unlimited storage in Google Drive for hoarding your high-resolution videos and pictures. Google doesn’t extend this great offer to other types of files. Even so, the free unlimited storage for all videos and pictures should be welcome, because Apple iCloud isn’t free beyond 5GB. Smartphone users often struggle with the remaining storage space on their smartphone, especially if they take photos and videos quite often. With the high-resolution camera of Pixel 2 XL, it is easy to produce a few gigabytes of photos and videos each week, especially if you travel often. With the unlimited cloud storage, there’s more space for your apps and other files.

Assistant: Assistant is a new feature offered with the Pixel 2 devices. It’s a real-time solution for translating the language. Assistant also supports object recognition and it provides quick contextual information. The feature is certainly not gimmicky since there is practical functionality that you can use each day. It is more than just about asking Google a question. An assistant grabs real-time data to provide the latest information, such as stocks prices and best route to take. It works like an actual assistant. The assistant should give you more access on relevant information and it will immediately understand you. As you use Assistant more often Google gathers a unique profile based on your behaviours, which allows the system to understand you better. Google uses the profile to recommends relevant information that may be interesting to you and you will also be served targeted advertising messages.

Lower price: The Pixel 2 XL is $150 cheaper than the iPhone X, but this still depends on the region. For many people, it is a strong enough argument to choose Pixel 2 XL.

Google Lens: Google Lens allows you to obtain information in a more intuitive way. You may take a picture of a bird and Google Lens will provide an accurate explanation about it. You can also use Google Lens to get information about food, cars, landmarks, artworks and others.

Pixel Buds: It’s Google new earphones for Pixel 2 devices and when integrated with Assistant, it could become an interesting proposition. Speaking to your smartphone is simpler with Pixel Buds and you will get immediate real-time information. The most likely scenario is when you are travelling. You will be able to talk with locals in their native languages without passing the phone back and forth. Pixel Buds bring language translation feature a notch higher in terms of usability.