6 Benefits of Using Chromebook as Your Work Laptop

So, is it time to replace office-issued laptops in your organization? If this is your situation, then you need to consider Chromebook as your new productivity platform. Chrome OS is proven to be a reliable thin client platform due to greater ease of use, easier management and good security measures. In fact, if you know your way around the familiar Chrome web browser, then it is intuitive to use a Chromebook. Here are benefits that you should consider:


1. Plenty of choices: There’s a wide variety of Chromebook choices across a range of features, styles and prices. Some models are aimed for average consumers, while others are geared for business uses. As an example, some Chromebook comes with a stylus and others support Android OS apps.

2. Good availability of management services: Chrome includes a management console that allows IT administrators to manage many Chrome devices in your organization. Google has released Chrome Enterprise, which includes various management features, such as managed OS updates and single sign-on. Your organization may also use various third-party services to make management easier to do.

3. You are not alone: It is a fact that many businesses have adopted Chrome OS and it is especially true for businesses that already move their apps to the cloud. In the past, many companies used overpowered desktops and laptops as client devices, which are used for casual productivity tasks. Cloud services are getting more secure, especially due to the introduction of the multifactor authentication. Chromebooks are attracting some high profile businesses and Netflix has used Chrome OS for its call center that is based on the cloud. Interests in Chrome OS have been rising over the past few years and it is a platform that makes a real sense for business users due to the management and security factors.

4. Chrome OS already overtakes Linux: Linux has been considered as the third OS in the computing world, after Windows and macOS. Previously, Microsoft managed to erode Linux market share by offering bottom-end Windows devices to the market. This gives Chrome OS an easier way to topple Linux from its long-held third position.

5. Workers are already familiar with Chrome web browser: Using Chrome web browser is easy. Google is able to outmaneuver Microsoft and Apple by introducing an OS based on the most popular web browser. Chrome OS may not have a chance in beating Windows and macOS, but it is getting a stronger foothold in the market.

6. Chromebooks are versatile: We have seen efforts to create a lightweight laptop by plugging a tablet into various accessories. However, Chrome OS is a more versatile platform for thin-client usability. The platform should work well for consistent Internet connectivity. Chromebooks are easier to use, due to fast boot-up capability and full support with cloud storage.

However, no platform is completely perfect and there’s a drawback to using Chromebooks. Without Internet connectivity, Chromebooks have limited usefulness. You should be able to negate this shortcoming by using Chromebooks only in areas where high-performance Internet connectivity is assured 24/7.