8 Ways to Extend the Usefulness of Your Outdated Smartphone

When people throw their outdated phones into a recycling bin, these devices often still work well and are still useful. Instead of allowing your smartphone to collect dust, it’s a good idea to utilize it for other purposes. Christmas is just around the corner and for many, a new smartphone is on the list. Don’t just throw your old one in a drawer and forget about it. Here are a few ways you can use your old smartphone.

1. GPS-based navigation device: For years, GPS has become a standard feature on smartphones and there’s a good chance that your old smartphone already has it. You need to buy a suitable cradle for the phone and install the proper apps. There are traffic apps that can provide you with mapping and real-time traffic information. You can charge the phone constantly using the cigarette lighter socket or USB port on the car stereo.

2. Dashcam: Your smartphone can be used as dashboard camera, by recording with the rear-facing camera. You need to use high capacity memory card, so you can record long trips with the phone. If you have limited internal storage in the smartphone and it doesn’t have memory slot, you can install time-lapse app. Dash-cam proves to be useful during the aftermath of an accident, especially if it’s not your fault.

3. Universal remote: If your smartphone still has an IR port, you can repurpose it into a universal remote. You may download multiple apps that enable this functionality.

4. Music player: If you have an old smartphone, you don’t need to purchase a new stereo set. You can connect the phone to the speakers, with the audio jack. Download a good music player app that allows you to play a long playlist.

5. Basic VR device: Because your old smartphone doesn’t have the most powerful hardware, it won’t become an ultimate VR device. The result may not blow you away, yet it should get the job done. You may pair the smartphone with Google Cardboard and it should become a usable VR set.

6. Wi-Fi extender: There are always spots in your house where Wi-Fi coverage is too weak for consistent connection. You can permanently place an old smartphone on the wall, so it will work as a Wi-Fi extender. You may download Wi-Fi extender apps and this will save you money.

7. Security camera: You may put the old smartphone on the wall and charge it permanently. It will become a low-cost security camera. You can use specific apps that can provide live feed through the local Wi-Fi connection or the Internet. Because smartphones are small, you can obscure it more easily and you can monitor your home easily from any place.

8. Handheld gaming device: Even without SIM card, you can download plenty of games, as long as you have enough storage. You can connect the phone with an external controller to improve the gaming experience.