Comparison Between Photos Taken on a Google Pixel 3 XL and a iPhone XS

Apart from making calls, sending emails or messaging, people tend to take a lot of pictures with their phones. Now, this is not an article to try and persuade you to purchase either the Pixel 3 XL or the iPhone XS but more of a way of showing you just how much they vary when taking some quality shots. The decision to purchase either of these phones is entirely up to you.

Below are a bunch of pictures taken from Instagram. The owner of each photo has been mentioned next to them, so if you like what you see, you can head over to Instagram and follow them.

All the images below are shot using a Pixel 3 XL. Click on the image to enlarge them to get a true feel of the photo.

by _waibytes_by phoneographer_

by aash_yuva by phoneographer_

by absolutelyanish by shanthclicks

by ddzejak by shaolinist

by nadhu._ by tummytaleswithsudha

All the ones below were shot using an iPhone XS

by chiqee by myrubik

by feelm_stewdio by nuchziija

by greyarea_photography by vitaslens

by grootdoingstuff_ by theimperfect_glutton

by isanketreddy by views_thru_my_iphone