Foodilog – Amazing Dining Out Tracker

Sometimes discovering a great restaurant of simply finding a place with great food to enjoy can be quite time-consuming and confusing, nowadays there are many food apps that can help you make the best dining decisions and enjoy a great dining experience. Which app is the best one for this purpose? To make the search easier for all foodies out there, we looked and we found one amazing food app for capturing and sharing dining experiences among foodies.

What is Foodilog?

Foodilog is an amazing and very practical food app which is developed for iOS users, very easy to use and efficient. This app offers you the chance to capture and share your dining experiences with other users and their experiences will be shared with you. Discover restaurants easily, select a restaurant, browse the menu and enjoy. The app will save you time and you will find great food to post and share with your friends on social media. With the help of this app, you will make good dining decisions.

Why do we love Foodilog?

Using this app and its features available will help you decide where to dine and get all the information you need to make a good decision. For all foodies and people that like to eat out, this app helps them enjoy the best dining experiences. On the app, users will find location-based restaurant listings with an easy to navigate menu information and dish lists. Dish specific feedbacks make ordering a restaurant’s best dishes easily done with this app.

No essays to read, just pictures and emojis let you see what you want to know about some place or the food offered. With one click on the app, you are able to make posts on social media to share your dining experiences with even more friends and family. Help fellow foodies to learn where to go, what to order and what to avoid and also help restaurants how to improve with your reviews. Discover restaurants easily directly on your phone or find restaurants nearby, rate your experience and find other foodies just like you.

Download the app for free now from the App Store now to capture and share your dining experiences!

Official Website: Foodilog