Game Review – Hot Potato Catch

Arcade games are known for their addictive gameplay and their challenge. This type of games will test your skills and reactions, entertaining you every time you play. Because of their popularity, many of these games are developed and it can be quite hard choosing the most fun and challenging one to try. If you like to mentally challenge yourself and test your fast reactions, we looked and we found one exciting catching game you need to try.

What is Hot Potato Catch?

Hot Potato Catch is an addictive and fun catching game with hot potato gameplay which is developed for iOS users. For all arcade lovers, this game offers fun and entertaining design suitable for both kids and adults. Big potatoes are falling from a blue sky and there is a hand you need to use to catch them. Simple and yet addictive for the brain, all you need to do is to catch the falling potatoes and avoid burning your hand. React fast and catch as many potatoes as you can.

Hot Potato Catch Highlights

This catching game is very mentally challenging and addictive at the same time. Your task on this hot potato game is to control the hot hand and catch as many potatoes as you can as they are falling from the sky. Avoid burning your hand by briefly catching the potatoes and keeping them in the air. You get 6 life hearts so you just need to press play and start.

The players can even pause or restart the game anytime they want to. As you play and progress, the potatoes which are falling from the sky speed up and you need to be fast to catch more of them. More potatoes you catch, faster the speed of the falling potatoes. Longer you last in the game arcade without losing the heart lives you can achieve the highest scores and become the ultimate catcher of the game. Catch all the potatoes you can with the hot hand.

Download the game now for free from the App Store and try to catch the falling potatoes with the hot hand!

Official Website: Hot Potato Catch