7 Irritating Things About Early iPhone Models

The iPhone X is an impressive device, but long-time fans surely remember the pain and struggle of using early iPhone models. Along with the fact that you cannot root the iPhone or have open access as you would on Android without having to Jailbreaking it, there are things that made it irritating. As revolutionary as the iPhone is when it was the first release, there are a number of things that earlier iPhone users would have and did shout about. Few of these are below.

1. Short battery life: It is quite common to curse old iPhone models for their limited battery life. Just spending ten minutes to browse the web or check the email is enough to suck a sizable amount of battery juice. Apple promised 250 hours of standby time with the original iPhone, which is a bit misleading because the actual usage time is much shorter than that.

2. Sleep-averting display: Despite their limitations, early iPhone models were really enjoyable to use. People often stayed up late each night doing a bunch of things on the devices. Eventually, scientists discovered that the blue light component makes it harder for people to get proper rest at night. The iOS 9.3 allowed users to subdue the blue light during the night to make it easier for them to rest.

3. No flashlight: Earlier iPhone model didn’t have flashlight feature and at the time, we simply used the display to make things around us look brighter. Third-party apps allowed users to turn the LED flash into a flashlight. But, with the iOS 7, Apple finally included built-in flashlight feature into the system.

4. No way to install third-party apps: This capability is something that we often take for granted. Users of early iPhone models were trapped with anything that Apple included out of the box. App Store was finally released in 2008, along with the iPhone 3G. Today, we can get almost any app and feature we could think of in the App Store.

5. Crack-prone display: It’s annoyingly troublesome when you accidentally crack the display of your iPhone. It’s expensive to get a full replacement. If you continue using the cracked display, the whole experience will be ruined and you will be liable to cut the fingertips. Latest iPhone models are currently reinforced with zinc-aluminium alloy frame and ion strengthened screen.

6. Irremovable bloatware: Users of early iPhone models always had an app they have no use for. The app icon only vibrates, without allowing us to delete it. The iOS 10 finally allows users to get rid of useless apps.

7. Four-digit passwords: With older iPhone models, you needed to type in a four-digit password to access the device. It’s quite troublesome to type each digit individually. The release of iPhone 5S and it’s Touch ID sensors, allows us to use only the fingerprint to unlock the device.

Setting these aside, the iPhone has become one of the most used phones on the market. The fact that there are some cheap iPhone contracts available makes it more pleasing to own one. Also, Apple realised that they would lose customers if they didn’t make adjustments to later models.