Top DIY Ideas for Old iPhones – 3rd One is Really Interesting

So, finally, you are upgrading to a new iPhone. What have you decided about the old one? You must be thinking why not sell my old iPhone? Well! You can do that as well but why not get some use out of your old iPhone?  Here are some interesting DIY ideas that you can do with your old iPhone.

Your New White Noise Machine

If you are travelling and you just realized that you have left behind the iPod dock/speakers you often use as a noise machine for your child. Do not panic! There, in the travel case is the long forgotten old iPhone that you dumped last year, yes! That is your day saviour.

Instead of wasting money on buying a dedicated noise machine you may turn your old iPhone into the same. All you need is

Your iPhone (Of-course the unwanted one)

  • a USB cable
  • a USB power adaptor
  • and some white noise tracks of your choice or a noise machine app

Using your cable and adapter plug in your phone into a wall outlet. Make sure your phone is powered up to run all night and play your white noise tracks on repeat (or your app). Another important thing is to turn your ringer off so that your child has a sound sleep without being disturbed by incoming calls or texts.

Now you must be thrilled to have one less thing to pack while travelling.

Your Home Automation Tool

If you desire to regularly control your home’s components from anywhere and at any time you may turn your old iPhone into a home automation tool. That sounds appealing, Right?

One requirement that you will need for a system to pair with your iPhone is the ability for the system to connect to your home’s wireless network. This is an essential feature of modern day home automation systems as compared to the old ones that required to be hired wired into the home’s electrical grid.

After having the wireless connection established with the system you will have to choose among a wide range of home automation apps offered by different companies. Numerous such apps directly work with the automation system you have installed in your home. This allows your iPhone to be used as a smart device or remote control from inside or outside the home eventually controlling everything from the home’s temperature to the time the lights need to be switched on in the evening. Only at the touch of a button, you may now control your home’s lighting, climate and security.

This is how you can create an economical and efficient network that you can manage from the palm of your hand. Are you still thinking to discard your old iPhone?

A Flight Tracking Device

If you are a crazy traveller this might seem quite interesting to you. You can use the out of date phone to track flight paths. It’s nothing like the cumbersome CRT monitor or terribly-designed FAA flight graph. To find the status of the flight the only thing required is the airline name and number.

For this feature to work, Apple has built flight tracking directly into the messages app. With an interactive map, you can easily see the current status of the plane, flight number, departure and arrival times and even the terminal departure and arrival gates. You can also see for any flight delays. These simple steps will enable you to track a flight easily. First

  • Open Messages app
  • Find the conversation in which your friend has sent you the flight information like Airline name and Flight number
  • To open the Flight Tracker Window press and hold on the information or 3D touch it.

Another interesting thing your phone can tell you the number of planes above you. There’s always a bunch of planes flying right above your head and “Siri” will help you find them. Just ask “planes overhead” and you will be given a little table with all the planes in the air roughly above the location you are currently in.

A Powerful Smart TV Remote Control

With an older television, using your old iPhone as a remote control can be cost-effective. Some of the top remote apps for iOS can skilfully turn your iPhone in an excellent remote control. There is a wide range of these apps including Apple TV Remote, Samsung Smart View, Android TV, AnyMote, RemoteMaster and many more.

While the remote control software is free, to make sure commands are always entered you would probably want to add an IR blaster as well. Pronto is a popular model for that and is usually between the ranges$30 to $40 when on sale.

Now that you see how an iPhone can be a really powerful gadget. It is more than just a Smartphone that not only connects you to people, websites, social networks etc. but acts as a powerhouse that can also control the smart TV in your home. So don’t discard it while upgrading to the new one.

Barometer- Your Mini Weather Centre

If you are an amateur meteorologist having an old iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 plus and ready to upgrade to the latest version this is what you can do with the old one. Being an aspiring meteorologist, it could be surprising for you to know that your Smartphone can also function as a barometer.

While you can always pull up the weather forecast using a website or an app, tracking atmospheric pressure trends on your own with a dedicated barometer is much more fun. Your Smartphone already has a built-in barometer. The manufacturers add it to your phone to improve GPS elevation results because they can be negatively affected by atmospheric pressure. Although you may never have the need or desire to know atmospheric pressure there are some curious weather folks out there who do care about weather changes.

Now do your own weather predictions by downloading barometer apps like Thermo-Hygrometer and Bar-o-Meter. Your mini weather centre is now ready to use.

An E-Reader

Once we needed to buy a dedicated e-book device for reading books but that is no more the case today if you have an old iPhone you no more want to use.

You can easily make an E-reader out of your old phone with apps like Marvin Classic. Another one is iBooks which is Apple’s own e-reading application. You can use a wide range of other apps as well instead of relying on a single app giving Smartphones the biggest edge over using dedicated e-readers. Once the app is installed you can easily add your favourite books to it. You can also connect with your favourite e-book stores like Google Play Books, Nook or Kobo using iPhone as your new e-reading device. As your smartphone is easy to carry you can now read your favourite books any time, any place thus adding greater flexibility to your reading experience.

An Impressive Digital Photo Album

How about converting your old iPhone into a digital photo album? Seems fancy, isn’t it? Well, it’s a great idea to use your phone as a photo album for your friends or guests to check out or browse through images. Rather than handing over your personal phone where you want to keep your personal stuff secure you can make great use of your iPhone as a photo album. For that, you need to disable screen lock and dimming. Also, don’t forget to pair your phone with a power dock.

Picmatic is a great iOS app for this purpose. It lets you apply filters and transition effects to make your pictures look great.

Your Personal Email Assistant

Apple’s voice-controlled personal assistant “Siri” can work wonders for you. If you have not yet explored give this one a try. If you are busy driving or otherwise occupied “Siri” is there to rescue you, just ask her (it?) to read your emails and there you go. She’s capable of reading your latest emails even she can read your messages for you and reply back as well.

Your Perfect Dedicated Skype Station

For heavy Skype or VoIP users, an old iPhone can be turned into a dedicated Skype Station.  It could come in handy for video conferencing, chat with friends and family. You may also consider holding remote official meetings with your team with this revamped wireless handset. You can double the wireless action by pairing your iPhone Skype Station with a Bluetooth headset.

These were some of the creative things you can do with your old iPhone. Now, do you think you still need to sell your old iPhone? If that is so, you may go to one of the few trusted recycling comparison websites that I have personally used.

You can do much more with your old iPhone. If there is any other interesting DIY idea in your mind, do share it with us in the comments section below.