How to Watch TV On Your Smartphone

Many Android users are drawn to the idea of watching TV on their device, be it a Smartphone or a tablet. However, the vast majority of users do not like the idea of paying for the TV service, which can be accessed via the internet using a service they already pay. In the following article, we are going to show you some interesting apps to watch TV on the Smartphone or on our tablet.

Apps to enjoy global TV on your Smartphone

There are several apps for Android, which allow you to convert your Smartphone into a TV receiver. Some of these apps, use the internet connection, others need an antenna that connects as an accessory to tune the TV. In all cases, we can have access to online TV material, while enjoying sports events, cultural events, or simply our favourite series, taking advantage of the quality of the screen of our Smartphone and without having to pay a penny more.

Some of the options can be paid, many of them, we can find them from Google Play, others from the Apple Store and some others from an internet link. Among the options of better reception from the Smartphone, are the apps that allow us to watch live digital TV or Freeview. In this case, we will recommend DTT Direct TV, or TDT on demand, which can be found on Google Play, which uses Flash Player to be able to view the image on the Smartphone and of course, have the Android updated.

The convenience of watching TV from the Smartphone

Once we have installed the app (in our case TDT Direct TV), we can display a fairly comfortable menu, which will not only allow us to select the channel that we want to see but also we can control the actions quickly, using the functionality of the screen touch. Once we select the channel that we want to see, we can choose to visualize in a small box or through the full screen, which surely, we like a lot, especially if we enjoy a good movie or a game of football, basketball or any other sport. Knowing this, you will no longer have excuses to miss those important games and that not being at home could not enjoy, or see the movie or series that you like. You should only have a wireless internet signal, and if the app requires it, a tuning device, such as a Freeview receiving antenna.