What to Buy your Gaming Family Member This Christmas

When it comes to buying things for Christmas there are many people that are very hard to please.  Unless you know people that will and they tell you exactly what to get them, the holiday shopping season can be a little stressful for you.  The video game industry has made buying during the holidays a little easier for you buy to make sure that the latest and greatest products are available for you in plenty of time to have them wrapped and put under the tree.  This year, buying for the gamer in your family might not be cheap, but it will be easier.

Taking a look at some of the main products that you will have available to you, we can see that if it is time to upgrade a video game console, the time is now.  It was only 10 years ago that consoles were seemingly upgraded each year with something a little better, faster, smaller and more expensive.  That tradition has given way to a new console, from the big companies like Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo, every few years.  This holiday shopping season will see great deals on consoles that were released last year.

One of those consoles is the PlayStation 4 from Sony.  The PS4 was released in 2013 and has not been truly upgraded since then.  You are going to be able to shop for leftover PS4 consoles just about anywhere you can buy electronics because the PlayStation 4 Pro is released.  Sony did not want to jump up to the PlayStation 5 at this time but did upgrade the PS4 to the Pro version and it might be something worth looking into.  Natively, you will be able to game in 4K resolution and that is a huge advantage for Sony compared to Xbox One S.

The Xbox One S by Microsoft will certainly allow you 4K resolution; actually, scale the game up to that resolution.  This is going to have a damaging impact on the frame rate, but over the years Microsoft has fallen behind Sony in that department.  If you are looking to have an all-around console on your entertainment stand, meaning one that can do more than just game, the Xbox One S might be the best option.  According to reports, the new console will be able to play Ultra 4K Blu-ray discs, which is something that the PlayStation 4 Pro will not be able to do.

If you are looking to upgrade to either of the consoles from the two biggest console makers in the world, you have a couple options.  Of course, the prices are going to be higher than you may want to pay, but you can counteract that by looking for Christmas specials and deals that include bundled controllers or games as an add-on.  When you are thinking about spending money this holiday shopping season, you might not be expecting to spend £300-£500 on a new console, right?

That is where the classic Nintendo Entertainment System comes into play.  That is right, Nintendo announced that it will be releasing the NES Classic Edition just in time for the holidays and you will be able to kick some butt with some of the best video games from the ’80s and ’90s for less than £60.  According to reports, the NES Classic Edition is going to arrive with 30 games pre-installed on the device and the odds are good that you will recognize each and every last one of them.

Getting on the short list for holiday shopping is every companies goal and now you have at least 3 options to pursue that will make any gamer happy this year!