6 Benefits of Dual-Monitor PC

It is now very common to see dual-monitor setups in homes and businesses across the world. Many people need the additional screen due to the increasing computing demands. Coding and media creation can be performed much more easily when professionals use larger and multiple screens. Standards video cards have made it possible for users to connect two computers to their PC. Here are benefits of having a dual-monitor arrangement for your PC

1. No more alt-tabbing between multiple apps: Alt-tabbing your way through PC interface will become a thing of the past once you use a dual-monitor setup. You will be served up additional pixels for your working environment. Laptops, such as MacBook Pro 2016, is equipped with USB-C connectivity, allowing you to work with up to three 4K panels, which are great for editing videos and doing other things. You can become much more productive without breaking a sweat.

2. Using multiple apps inside a single screen: With a dual-monitor setup, it’s incredibly easy to open four applications or more. Massive 43-inch 4K monitors make it even more possible to open four applications on a single screen. No one expects you to work with eight applications simultaneously, but switching between them will be a seamless experience.

3. Get an additional display on the move: Portable monitors are made of low-quality panels and used to be laggy. But, things have changed and we can find solutions based on DisplayPort connections. You will get additional displays that are much easier to use than using the standard VGA port. Laptops with USB-C connections are also able to transmit power and video signal in a single cable, making portability an easier thing to achieve.

4. Easier VR and coding experience: Development of VR-based applications is much easier to do with dual-monitor setup. The application test environment can be shown on another screen, while the coding task is done on the primary screen. Coders have long favoured multiple screen capabilities. This reduces the time for scrolling, dragging, maximizing and minimizing objects on the screen, especially when coders are dealing with thousands of lines of codes. For VR coders, this arrangement immensely saves their time and they can do so much without having to wear goggles too frequently, because overexposure may lead to nausea and discomfort.

5. Use a vertically-oriented monitor: It is now very common to find monitors with 16:9 aspect ratio and landscape orientation. However, some tasks can be accomplished better with a vertical orientation. As an example, an extra vertical monitor can be helpful for writers to limit the amount of scrolling. By rotating the monitor 90-degrees and make some adjustments on the operating system, professionals are able to regain the wasted space. For better usability, you can choose monitor models that have built-in rotating capabilities.

6. Working and gaming: It is an obvious benefit of a dual-display setup. You can assign the primary screen for all productivity tasks, while an exciting game can be played on another screen. Latest PC sets are powerful enough handle high-end games and standard productivity applications simultaneously.