6 of the Best Note-taking Apps for iOS in 2018

The basics of a great report or writing assignment lie in the ability to take good notes. Experts from dissertation service companies know how important it is to write good notes prior to getting started with any form of writing. Taking notes is very basic but very important today and that is what smartphones have developed good tools and features for taking notes. With your phone today, you can take different kinds of notes for use later on. The best note-taking apps are those that can get you the help you need with the information and data that is important for you. If you are using an iOS gadget, here are 6 of the best note-taking apps to use in 2018:

  1. Apple Notes

The Apple Notes has been a lot useful in taking notes from an iOS gadget. Newer versions of this app have been much better than previous ones.  Working from an iPad Pro that has a pencil, the Apple Notes in iOS 11 is a perfect choice for note-taking. It comes with a wide choice of drawing input. However, it is not limited to these drawing features. It is a responsive app that comes with a good number of styling choices. It enables to user to create checkable to-do lists, build lists and most importantly, to share the notes with others. Again, you can sync seamlessly over iCloud to other Apple devices.

  1. OneNote

OneNote is a great option in the realm of taking notes from iOS platforms. Its functionality and use is comparable to a digital pen and typed notes. With this app, the user can take hand-written notes, keep image and voice memos and most importantly, sync them with a calendar. The app does not have its own add-ons and will heavily rely on the various Microsoft Office products. Despite the heavy investment that may be required to get these add-ons, OneNote is a fully featured app that can help to comfortably take notes on iOS platforms.

  1. Evernote

The Evernote app has widely been used on Android platforms. However, it is still found on the iOS platform with exclusive add-ons. It has a scanning functionality and a markup editor usually included in the Desktop version. Additionally, it has a handwritten appendage to enhance the uses of the pencil when taking notes. The app seeks to cover up every imaginable base to enhance the experience of taking notes and giving the average person all they need in taking notes. To increase the storage capacity, users can get the premium version.

  1. Simplenote

Simplenote app is ideal for taking basic notes on your iOS platform. It offers users with efficiency and speed when taking notes. The universal sync of this app is its biggest advantage. It is also available on a web version that is still useful and helpful in many ways. With it, one can easily search, publish and share notes. However, it doesn’t support multimedia. The app opens up easily, giving the user the ability to get started with note taking as quickly as possible. It will help you get down your point immediately. The structure of this app can easily be transported to a new setup when archiving the notes or when opting-out of the service.

  1. Zoho’s Notebook

This app comes with a multimedia card-based strategy comparable to that of Google Keep to make fascinating note mosaics. Its note-taking ability can compete with that of Evernote among other note-taking applications. It is a robust app with a well-crafted interface and gesture-based workflow. Zoho’s Notebook can be used to write text, build checklists, capture photos, files, audios and drawings. Additionally, the starting minute of each audio note is usually transcribed with the use of a text-recognition algorithm by Apple. This feature is unique to this app so far. It is very useful for creative projects and for those on trips.

  1. Quip

Quip is an application with many uses. It can be used for creating word documents and to-do lists as well. It may not offer users with the quick solution they are looking for but it is reliable for use when in search for a gorgeous option. The text editor feature on this app allows the user to pick a font template of their choice from a series of them available for use in creating content. Users can enjoy storing images, adding files, creating to-do lists and sorting out files into different folders with limitless storage. If you are looking for good looking content, then Quip is the solution for it.

Final Thoughts

The choice of what app to use depends on the need at hand. Those seeking statistics homework help will definitely need a different app from those who want to take notes for an essay. If you have an iOS gadget, there are a number of options to choose from the various note-taking apps from the App Store. These apps are 6 of the best note-taking apps for use on the iOS platforms in 2018. Again, their use is based on what one needs. For instance, Zoho’s Notebook is good for multimedia notes whereas Simplenote will be the option to go for when you want to keep it simple. Students are found Evernote a lot useful for them while taking notes for their research work and so on. Regardless of the need, users will definitely find an answer to their note-taking needs from their iOS gadgets.