Reasons iPhone X is a Waste of Money

The hype on the Apple iPhone X is so intense that some people think the device is one of the biggest inventions in the mobile industry, due to its new camera features and large edge-to-edge display. But, here are some reasons, why buying an iPhone X right now is a complete waste of money:

1. It’s expensive: We start with the obvious one. The Apple iPhone X is clearly overpriced and the iPhone 8 Plus is a few hundreds of dollars more affordable at about $800 depending on the region. The most affordable variant of iPhone X with the least amount of internal storage is a whopping $1,000; which is more expensive in certain regions. Many buyers will agree that paying an extra few hundreds of dollar is ludicrous because you will get only some additional features.

2. It’s not a significant upgrade: Compared to the iPhone 8, it’s basically the same. It’s true that the Face ID of the iPhone X is quite good in using the face for biometrics input. However, the Touch ID sensor featured by the iPhone 8 devices is more mature and can be used very quickly. The iPhone 8 Plus already offers you a wide-angle camera and a bigger screen, although the iPhone X has a slightly higher pixel density. However, the ultra-high screen pixelation is no longer discernible by our naked eyes. Internally, these devices are also quite identical with 12Mp rear-facing camera, wireless charging feature and A11 Bionic Chip.

3. Older iPhone models are already good enough: Previous iPhone models offer generally similar functionality and they are cheaper. As an example, you are able to buy iPhone 7 and iPhone 6s at even lower prices. You can still install many apps, take good pictures and do many other things, except charging these devices wirelessly.

4. It’s a part of a planned obsolescence scheme: iPhone 6s is still perfectly usable for your daily productivity and casual tasks. However, all smartphone manufacturers implement the “planned obsolescence” strategy as a way to maximize their profits and for budget-conscious consumers, this is a complete rip-off. Apple needs to build up the hype to keep their profits up and some people may already feel slightly embarrassed with their iPhone 8, depending on their social circles. People with iPhone 7 and iPhone 6s can be forced to update to the latest iOS version to use new features download certain apps. By doing so, their device performance and battery life will decrease and it should be expected. The latest iOS version is designed for the latest iPhone. This method supports the “planned obsolescence” strategy and you will be compelled to buy a new device.

5. It’s just marketing: The current marketing messages of Apple focus a lot on the incremental functionality offered by iPhone X. It’s entirely about marketing and people think that it’s actually something significant. Touch ID is still perfectly usable and easy to use. Conventional charging is good enough, although it needs a little bit more effort. Again, the strategy is to maximize profits and Apple already hoards many billions of dollars thanks to effective marketing. Apple knows that people want to be stylish, trendy and cool.