SMILES is a New Innovative Photo Camera & Prank App that Takes Selfies & Photos of Friends without Their Knowledge

“Snap Selfies of friends and family without them knowing” – that’s the punchline that caught our attention! It’s a short description of SMILES, a new app that offers a unique feature of taking snaps of people nearby without them knowing.

How it works?

When you first open the app there will be a mini tutorial guiding you through the app. In general, the app will take a photo even when you are not currently on your camera app and using a completely different app (hence the idea of surprise).

You can set within the app to snap more than 1 selfie. Once you have completed your “prank” and managed to take couple of photos, you can start editing that particular photo of your friend, family, crush etc. and tease them for their spontaneous pose. You can add different elements like smiles and emojis and make the photo even more entertaining.

Uses of SMILES

Now this just for the basic usage of SMILES, here are some extra features and uses of SMILES:

Normal Mode
Tap camera button and switch to another app. after 8 seconds an invisible camera is placed on top of another app. It is then you call a friend or family member over to check out the app. While they look at the screen you tap the screen and their picture is taken without them knowing.

Burst Mode:
Similar to normal mode, except it takes 5 photos of the person.

Quiet mode:
Simply Long click for about 1 second on the camera button for the option

You are free to draw on the faces of the photos you have taken.

View and share the photos that you took.

Shadow Star(Important):
Have the app monitor when certain apps are opened, when they are an invisible camera is launched and takes their picture with timestamp. Great for catching someone touching your phone. Cool down of 5 minutes between these triggers.

The app is currently available for Android with soon to be published for iOS.