8 Reasons You Should Use AI Technologies for Improving Customer Support

AI (Artificial Intelligence) is improving in terms of usability and practicality. Although the technology is generally young, you can already tap into its overall potential. Here are the reasons that AI can benefit you in interacting with customers:

1. Social media bots can be detected: AI applications are able to quickly validate social media users. You should know that followers can be bought and engagement can be faked. There are bots that automatically write comments and it’s time consuming to determine whether an account is actually a real person. This will ensure that you interact with a real human being and your customer support efforts will be more effective.

2. Image recognition: If your company has thousands of Instagram followers, it is important to track images that they share. It’s easy to detect posts tags, but it is a problem if many of your images are shared without tags and relevant file name. By using image recognition software for your Instagram, it is possible to increase the overall engagement.

3. Metrics are included in marketing analysis: Digital marketing relies on individual intents, timing, demographics and various metrics. Automation software provides significant benefits in marketing efforts. Many companies are investing in personalized content-based marketing. Marketers should know whether the website can become something that consumers are interested in. By understanding all the metrics, it is possible to create content that’s more relevant for customers and the current market conditions.

4. Understanding consumer profiles: Artificial intelligent is able to gather high amount of details and this could become an important asset in the future. By gathering more information about customers, you should be able to identify specific profiles that will respond to your services and products. It will be much easier to determine the needs and wants of your customers.

5. Opportunities can be identified: Often, businesses can’t accurately identify opportunities that are worth pursuing. It takes highly reliable artificial intelligence to perform this task properly. Artificial intelligence allows you to perform this task more easily, because it involves massive data sets.

6. Recommendations for cross-selling and up-selling: One way to increase revenue is by cross-selling and up-selling to existing customers. With artificial intelligence, you will gain much better insights into the current customer base. The AI will recommend what content, products and services that should be provided to existing customers. Overall customer experience can be enhanced and business will gain more revenue.

7. Future ads performance can be predicted: If you want to gain better marketing results, artificial intelligence is needed to do predictive analysis of the future performance of advertising. In this case, AI could give you the most bang for the buck, because you will be able to serve your customers with the most relevant ads. Poorly performing ads could be improved or eliminated entirely, depending on the result of the analysis.

8. More effective email marketing: Email marketing is often ignored and even despised by customers. However, this method is still effective when set up and directed properly. AI software will determine content that customers are interested in. It means that customers will likely click the email and read it.

In the end, artificial intelligence allows you to quickly anticipate the needs and issues of your customers. Proper actions can be performed before issues begin to arise. Predictive analytics is the strong point of artificial intelligence.