10 Reasons You Should or Shouldn’t Buy Apple iPhone X

Weeks after the release of Apple iPhone X, many people are still on the fence about forking out their money for the expensive mobile device. Here are ten big reasons you should or should not open your wallet for the new device:

  • Impressive screen: The Super Retina display is without a doubt quite impressive. The screen is brighter compared to those on previous models and the borders are also quite tiny. The OLED backing ensures better brightness and the display suits ambient lighting better thanks to the sophisticated True Tone technology. All of these reach into all curved corners of the display.
  • Smooth software: A software redesign is implemented due to the removal of the Home button. However, the navigation feels more natural than on earlier iOS versions. Unlock the phone by sliding your finger up the display and you only need to tap to wake up the phone. The multitasking performance is also much smoother. You can flick from one open application to another by sliding your finger over the bottom side of the display. After 30 minutes, you will feel comfortable with the interface and you won’t look back to your previous phones.
  • Face recognition: Face ID is a great biometric security technology and it’s simple to set up. The system is very accurate and it means that you don’t need to hold the phone stiffly trying to get the device recognizing your face. Face ID recognizes you easily if your mouth, nose and eyes are clearly visible through the front-facing camera.
  • Better photography performance: Apple iPhone X offers a better camera than the previous models. It is easy to take selfie photograph in portrait mode, unlike with older iPhone models. The dual rear-facing cameras are also equipped with dual-mode optical image stabilization, which significantly reduces blurs when recording fast-moving videos.
  • Animoji: Animoji is a great feature for casual users who want to show off their quirkier side. The True Depth feature is able to track fifty different muscles on our faces and convert them into numerous animated emoji that we can choose. Animoji can be embedded into messages.

iPhone X is definitely an amazing device, but it may not be appropriate for you due to the following reasons:

  • It’s expensive: Apple iPhone X isn’t the most expensive smartphone ever, but it is still very expensive for a smartphone, which can be commonly obtained for under $600. At the moment, iPhone X is more like a status symbol, because much of the functionality can be obtained on cheaper devices. If you see smartphones as functional devices, then you should consider buying other models.
  • The annoying notch: The display of iPhone X stretches beautifully from edge to edge, with the exception of an upper area that’s called the notch. The black bar houses the Face ID sensors and cameras. It is a necessary addition, but it definitely gets in the way and somewhat ruins the whole experience.
  • Too narrow: At 5.8-inch, the iPhone X certainly has bigger display compared to previous iPhone models, but it is narrower. People who appreciate the big screen experience may not appreciate this, due to changes in how interface, apps, games and videos are shown.
  • No Home button: Home button has been there for a long time and some people may switch to an Android device that still has the Home button.
  • Questionable display reliability: Apple convinces us that the glass-covered display is the most durable ever. However, various tests have shown that the glass will shatter when dropped from a typical head height on to hard surfaces, such as concrete pavement.