Top 4 Things You Must Consider at The Time of iPhone Trade-in

So finally, you have decided to get rid of your old iPhone to buy Apple’s latest flagship iPhone – the iPhone XR. Well, you have made the right decision. Because it is the right time to sell or trade in your old phone to get your hands on the new iPhone trio – iPhone XR, iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max.

Apple launched these superb smartphones this September and people are going crazy over these new iPhones. So your craving for new iPhone XR is not an unusual thing. But wait for a second! What about your old iPhone? It is quite possible that you have an old iPhone 7 or 7 Plus lying in the cupboard of your house and you are no longer using that iPhone. Well, to make the most out of your old device is to sell it or trade it in.

iPhone or iPhone 7 Plus trade-in process is not a myth anymore. You can easily and conveniently trade in your iPhone or even any smartphone and that too for good amount of money or credits. In this article, let’s discuss some of the must-do things you should consider before trading in your old mobile phone. But before that, let’s search how mobile phone trading works.

How Does Mobile Phone Trade-in program work?

When you use a mobile phone trade-in program through a registered company, the company will take a look at your used device and give you an estimate for that device. That ‘estimate’ can be in different forms. In some cases, the company will give you a gift card for your old smartphone which you can redeem in your next smartphone purchase. In some other cases, you will be given cash for your old smartphone.

You can either do in-store or online trade-ins. To avail the online service, you will send your used mobile phone to the retailer. After receiving and inspecting your device, the retailer will give you an estimate for your item online. If you are availing the in-store trade-in option then the deal will be done in front of you. You can accept or decline their offer. If you decline their offer, you will get your mobile phone back.

Trade in iPhone – One of the coolest ways to make money or earn credits

After reading the above-mentioned lines, you might get an idea about the mobile phone trade-in program. In trade in program, you can trade your old smartphone for store credits, gift cards, or even you can get cash for trading in your old device as well.

There are two major portals in the UK where you can trade in your old smartphone.

There is no doubt that there are many other platforms also available in the UK that can give you a good trade in options but these two stands out amongst the rest. Before discussing these two, let’s take a sneak peek into the things you should do before trading in your iPhone 7 or 7 Plus.

  1. Backup your Data

One of the smartphone’s primary role is to save your precious data. This data may contain your images, videos, messages, and more. So before trading in your iPhone, make sure you have properly backed up your data so that when you get a new smartphone, the backed up data can be easily transferred to your new phone.

From your iPhone, tap to Settings app >tap on your iPhone’s name, showing you options of Apple ID, iCloud, iTunes and more >iCloud >scroll down and tap on iCloud Backup. Your iPhone will securely back up your data to iCloud.

There is another option available to back up your data and that is through iTunes. Just connect your iPhone to your PC, open iTunes and back up your data in your personal computer or laptop.

  1. Encrypt your Data

The encryption service scrambles all of your data stored on your iPhone, making it impossible to read. In your iPhone, Go to Settings app > Touch ID & Passcode > Follow the guidelines or prompts to set a passcode. When you do all this, scroll down to the bottom of the page. You should see a message saying ‘Data Protection is Enabled’. This means that your device is now encrypted and now can use it without your permission.

  1. Perform a Factory Reset

It is enough to only back up your data, you must then manually delete all of your stored data on your phone and encrypt the device, but to be on the safer side, it is always recommended to perform a factory reset as well before trading in or selling your smartphone. A factory reset will wipe clean your device and restore its factory default settings.

From your iPhone home screen, go to Settings > tap General > scroll down and tap Reset >then tap Erase All Content.

  1. Clean your Phone

To get the best value for your smartphone, it is highly recommended to sell it in the best possible condition. Take a soft cloth and wipe the touchscreen of your iPhone 7. Make sure to clean from each side and from every corner of your device. Remember, if you clean your device properly and carefully, it will put an impact on the iPhone 7 trade-in price as well.

Apple’s Trade-in Program

Apple has its own trade-in program. Through this program, you can trade in your old iPhone and use the money towards new iPhone purchase. You can trade in your iPhone, either by visiting the official Apple Store or you can use the online service as well. Remember that, trade-in values vary depending on the condition of your device and not all of the devices are eligible for Apple’s trade-in program.

If not Apple, then what is the best option available for me?

As you know that Apple doesn’t provide trade-in offers for every device, it is quite possible that your device may fall in the non-eligible category or you might not get enough value for your iPhone. So if you are facing such circumstances, then the best option to trade in your iPhone is

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