The Rules of Flying your Drone in the UK

If you’ve got a drone for Christmas or if you’re planning on getting one then it’s worth knowing the and following the rules that govern the UK. After all, you don’t want to risk serving a maximum of 5 years in prison should you endanger an aircraft. With the recent news regarding a drone flying over Gatwick and causing huge chaos, it might be wise not to get caught up in all that drama if you have one. From 30 November 2019, owners of drones weighing 250 grams or more will have to register with the (Civil Aviation Authority) CAA, and drone pilots will need to take an online safety test “to ensure the UK’s skies are safe from irresponsible flyers”.

1. The rules below are simple but subjected to change in 2019 once the Drone Bill comes into place:

2. If you’re flying for work you must not fly your drone above an altitude of 400ft.

3. Your drone must always be under control, within line of sight and within 500m horizontally

4. You may not fly anywhere near an airport or airfield, or any other aircraft

5. Don’t fly over congested areas such as streets, towns and cities

6. If your drone has a camera,  you can’t fly closer than 50m to people, vehicles or buildings, unless you have permission and all people and vehicles you’re flying near are under your control

7. Drones are out of bounds within 150m of “an organised open-air assembly of more than 1,000 persons” according to the ANO

via Alphr