Five Reasons E-book Readers Are Still Better Than Tablets for Reading Books

Many people think that e-readers are obsolete and tablets are much more versatile for any kind of purpose, including reading e-books. However, many bookworms are remaining loyal to their e-book readers and use tablets for other purposes. Just like tablets, e-book readers are also portable and allow us to carry hundreds or even many thousands of books anywhere without being concerned about the weight and volume. If you’re planning to purchase tablets for reading books, here are the reasons why we should choose the trusty reader:

1. Better display for reading: E-readers with e-ink display are well optimized for long-term reading. It remains highly visible under intense sunlight, something that we can’t do on even an expensive iPad or Android tablet model. Text shown on e-ink display looks like on a paper and for reading the dark places, these e-readers are also equipped with backlighting. The 4:3 aspect ratio also makes working on an e-reader like reading a book. Text should appear on the page just like in a real book, including the appropriate font scaling. If the font is too small, there’s often a quick way of enlarging it to our liking. No glass is needed.

2. Ergonomic and light: The weight and overall size of an e-reader are usually similar to a normal-sized book. Text and images should be visible clearly from a range of 7 inches. Many e-book readers are lighter than 300 grams and as thin as 10mm. This makes reading volumes of novels much more fun and convenient. Moreover, we could add hundreds of books, which are more than enough during a trip.

3. No distraction while reading: E-book readers are designed only for reading, although some e-readers also include the ability to listen to music while reading. Tablets, on the other hand, are more distracting. Frequent social network updates from Facebook, Instagram and others could disrupt our reading experience. With e-book readers, we have an all in all, a much more peaceful reading experience.

4. Very long battery life: E-book readers can last very long, especially compared to ordinary tablets. AMOLED and LCD displays on tablets consume a lot of power and these devices are also equipped with a multi-core processor. A decent e-book reader could last for more than 3 days on a single charge. Some models, such as Amazon Paperwhite, could go for a couple of weeks. E-book readers are definitely hand for longer trips, especially at places where wall sockets are unavailable.

5. Longer lifespan: After using an Android tablet or iPad for more than a year, many users are already looking to buy a new one. After prolonged usages, we could see that our tablet has started to age. On the other hand, e-book readers don’t need fast hardware to operate. Due to its limited functionality, e-book readers don’t require significant hardware capability. Also, due to their longevity and better relevance, bookworms could keep on using the same e-readers for a longer period of time. Tablets are definitely more dynamic with their operating system and other features, but e-readers are our best chance if we are seeking to get better usability in the long run. The last, but a significant advantage of e-book readers, is that they are much cheaper.