What Happens With Recycled Smartphones?

Have you ever wondered what happens with the recycled smartphones? In the past few years, the recycling of smartphones has attracted the attention of more and more people who decided to recycle their old mobile phones. Their attention has been attracted by advertisements like these: “sell your mobile phone and help the environment” or “Get cash for your phone” people then start to realize that these advertisements are actually true.

Selling the old, damaged mobile phones brings you cash, while it also helps the environment. Smartphones contain around 10 toxic elements in the materials they are made of and these toxic materials can severely harm the environment. Luckily, the recycling companies dispose of all the damaged mobile phones in an ethical and environmentally friendly manner.

Well, if this is what happens with the phones that do not properly function anymore, what happens with the ones that still function? Well, the answer to this question is more complex. Some of the phones that still properly function are sent to third world countries, so people can use them.

The third world communities do not have access to technology and they do not have access to information; these are two of the main reasons why their development is such a slow one. The richer countries are trying to offer their helping hand and one of the ways in which they do it is by sending the old mobile phones to people who really need them. Other mobile phones that still function and look good are sold to people who don’t have enough money to purchase a brand new one. They cost much less and they perfectly function, so why not?

Getting a new smartphone can be absolutely exciting and costly and at least you know that you will get some cash for the old device you have.