Times Tables 1×1 – Easy Maths: Reviews

Teaching children basic maths can sometimes be really tricky. Children seem to concentrate on learning things probably for only a few minutes until their minds start wandering off, that’s if they aren’t enjoying it. However, teaching them times table is easy with the app Times Tables 1×1 – Easy Maths. The app uses a beautiful design mode and allows your children to win medals and trophies on each level they play. This way they feel that each time they learn they get a reward. This form of learning is proven to work, even in adults.

The app encourages your children to relax and make themselves comfortable because no one can really learn in a stressful environment. The app uses Leo the lion to make it friendly to children. They can listen and learn with Leo for 5 to 10 minutes a day and they will soon be good at it. The way of learning is saying things out loud time and time again, the app teaches this to make sure the brain takes in the multiplication. The app is ideal for kids who want to learn on their own, so parents can spend time doing other things whilst being comfortable with the fact their children are learning.

The app as a basic setup which makes it friendly for young children. The app has three modes, play, learn and test. In the “play mode”, the child goes against a turtle, whereby they will need to answer the questions fast enough to not get beaten by the turtle. No one wants to be beaten by a turtle. In the “learn mode” kids listen to the multiplications and read them out loud. They will need to find a quiet place to do this. I “test mode”, multiplications are read out to your child and they will need to try and say the answer faster than Leo.

The app is easy to use and once the child is at the right age then they can grab your iPhone or iPad and set off to learn. The trial version contains all the features of the full version. However, 7, 8, and 9 times table are not included in the trial version. The full version will cost $2.99.

The app is also available on Google Play Store.