What You Should Know About Mobile Marketing

When the world starts to change from a big screen device to a more compact version device, the smartphones, a business owner should also change and improve their marketing strategies. The previous method might have been quite successful in the past but, if you don’t want to change, you will lose and left far behind. That is why you need to learn a little about the new changes. Here are some things that you should know about mobile marketing, that will help you to understand the mobile world and its marketing strategy.

  1. The transformation

First thing is you should be aware of the transformation that has happened to the world. Many studies claim that mobile device is the future of marketing. People spend more and more time looking at their phones than any other device such as a laptop or desktop. This information leads us to the conclusion that mobile marketing is and will be one of the most effective advertising platforms.

  1. Mobile app and site

The current mobile trend requires us to have our own app and mobile site in order to communicate easily mobile users. But, of course, you don’t need to go all the way with that. Sometimes, depends on your business, a mobile version of a website will be more effective than an app. It is because people don’t want to download apps that consume their memory. But, the app itself makes the customer to still engage with you even when the internet connection is not available. So, you need to decide which one you will choose, a mobile site or an app. Make sure you knew what your customer needs.

  1. Know your customers

You need to analyse and understand the usage of your customers. If the target customer is teenagers, you can calculate how long they will be on their phone and predict what time they will use their phone, it can be the hour after school hour and before the midnight for example. Based on this data, you can make the most appropriate decisions and strategies for your advertising campaign that will enhance the result of the campaign.

  1. Understand and implement ASO for your apps

App Store Optimization (ASO) can help you a lot to develop the right advertising to attract tons of new customers. ASO is what SEO does for your website, but for the application. ASO helps your app to compete in the intense competition of AppStore. Find some good resources about ASO and do that to your app or you can hire experts to achieve a better result. ASO can work well with any application, regardless if it’s betting apps or productivity apps.

  1. Know your competitor

Knowing about the products and potential customers is not enough. You also need to keep an eye of your competitors. Take a look and understand the website or app of your competitor, you will find many useful things, not only new ideas but also the ‘strategies’ they use to make them successful, to implement to your site.

  1. Be more flexible

Even though you were successful with the previous marketing technique, mobile marketing is ever changing. You cannot just rely on your successful past experience and method. You need to be more flexible, change the method every now and then to suit the situation.

  1. App advertising platform

Many sites and apps like Facebook and Twitter allow you to advertise on their site. You can use this feature to advertise your app or other mobile marketing forums. This is a method that effectively promotes your business.

  1. Consider social media campaign

Creating an attractive social media advertisement post for your mobile app and site can help your business exposure. Social media makes you target the right audience quickly and easily, plus it’s cheaper. Social media is one of the best ways to advertise your business.

  1. Use real-time locations

This is one of the positive aspects of mobile marketing. You can target the potential customers within your current location easily. Instagram and Facebook are the two social media that support location tag feature on their app.

Understanding these benefits of mobile marketing will definitely help you advertise your company or business greatly. If you can make the right campaign in the mobile world, you will see the amazing result of your company.