Six Reasons You Should Replace Your Old Laptop with Latest Smartphone

Early smartphone models have very weak hardware configuration and limited features. There were only a few useful apps for them. However, smartphones are significantly improving, they have a powerful multi-core processor and other capable hardware components. Software developers continue to deliver more functional apps, by releasing new versions that include additional features. With millions of apps out there, it’s easy for us to become mobile-obsessive.

In many cases, smartphones have become powerful and capable enough that they replace common tasks that people typically perform in laptops or even desktop computers. It’s true that there are still many things that smartphones can’t do, such as managing a complex spreadsheet. Here are benefits of using smartphones, instead of your laptop:

1. Voice calls and text messages: These basic features of phones are actually their two great advantages. You can’t use laptops to make calls and send text messages. Voice calls are still much more responsive than instant messaging, social media and email. With voice calls, we can exchange information rapidly through verbal communication. VoIP is also available for laptops with Skype and Google Voice, but it’s much easier to do with smartphones. The simplest thing to do is to use the VoIP feature of an instant messaging app.

2. Fast connectivity: Smartphones are optimized for smooth integration with various connectivity options. Your laptop may connect to a Wi-Fi network quickly, but smartphones still win with 4G/5G and GPS connections. If there’s no accessible Wi-Fi nearby, you can still use regular data and GPS to locate the nearest gas station during your road trip.

3. They are very portable: Laptops are designed as portable devices, but with big displays and full-sized keyboards, you can put them in your pocket. You can operate smartphones with one hand while standing. Smartphones are devices that you would pick up for daily or urgent tasks.

4. Smooth multitasking environment: Computer operating systems, such as Windows and macOS, are excellent multi-taskers. They can run dozens of programs at the same time, provided that there’s enough CPU processing capacity and RAM for them. Android and iOS have baked-in ability to smoothly operate multiple apps. It means that if you receive WhatsApp message when playing a game, you can minimize and type in your responses. It’s possible if your RAM is large enough to support the simultaneous operation of several apps. This feature is present in laptops, but considering that it’s also available on smartphones, it’s another reason why you should start abandoning your laptops.

5. Quick social media access: Popular social media platforms already have dedicated apps for Android and iOS. Instead of opening a web browser on your smartphone, you can directly tap on a social media app. It will be much faster and easier to read new updates and to respond to them.

6. Quick app downloads: There are many websites that offer free software for Windows and macOS, but it will take more effort and time to install and configure. With smartphones, you can tap on the Google Play Store or iOS App Store to quickly download an app. Most mobile apps are also free, which make it a huge appeal among users.