App Review – Password Boss Password Manager

How do you keep all your logins and credit cards safe without forgetting them all? With a password manager! This kind of productivity app can make your daily life a lot easier, without the need to enter your passwords over and over again, every time you are entering any of your accounts. However, finding the safest and most secure password manager is not that easy and because of that to make it easier for you, we looked and we have an amazing productivity app for this purpose. Let’s discuss about the app.

What is Password Boss Password Manager?

Password Boss Password Manager is an efficient password manager app that is especially created for all users as a password manager that is highly secure and private. The app is quite easy to use and developed for IOS users, giving them the chance to log themselves into any website without having to enter your passwords, offering the easiest way to remember all your passwords. Storing unlimited number of passwords and makes a unique password for each website to keep your account safe.

Why do we love this productivity app?

This productivity app does much more than just saving and keeping your password safe. With the help of this password manager you can also use the Digital Wallets to store all your credit cards for online checkouts, no typing needed. In case of emergency, you can give someone else access to your account. The secure notes stores all of your important stuff like travel programs or insurance info in one place and you can also fill in online forms with a single tap. All your passwords like WIFI, apps and servers can be saved within the app. Share anything with anyone easily such as your passwords, credit cards and other important info.

All your passwords are copied to all your devices and you can make changes on one device and all other devices will be updated automatically. Bank-Grade security keeps your passwords safe and only you can access your data. With the premium version of the app you are getting plus features and it’s available for you as an annual renewing subscription for $29 per year as well for multi-year subscriptions.

Download the app for free now on App Store to securely save your passwords and other important info!

App Store Download Link: Password Boss Password Manager