Why Buy a Chromebook in 2019?

Chrome OS isn’t actually a real operating system, when compared to Windows and macOS. Due to its lightweight design, Chrome OS could run without hiccups, smoother and faster compared to other operating systems. The simplicity of Chrome OS and Chromebooks make them remain relevant for 2019. Here are other reasons why you should buy a Chromebook today:

• Quick boot up: In this Internet age, people are affected by frequent distractions and very short attention spans. Chromebooks have the Google Coreboot technology that allows quick boot up in less than ten seconds from the moment you press the power button. Chrome OS itself is a simple platform, generally free from bloatware that throttle productivity.

• Quick configuration: Configuring Chromebook is as easy as setting up an Android smartphone. It’s so much easier than managing regular Windows laptops and Macbook. First time users will only need to sign in with their current Google account and the Chromebook can be used immediately, including browser, apps, Google Drive and others. Most first-time users will only need to spend five minutes from initial configuration to doing productivity task.

• Travel-friendly: All laptops are designed as portable devices, but Chromebooks take it to another level. Chromebooks are lighter and thinner than regular laptops, making them more suitable for daily usage. Long battery life is another significant advantage of using Chromebooks, it is not uncommon to get Chromebooks with 9 hours or more battery life. This makes Chromebooks suitable for many outdoor activities, such as a weekend camping trip. Lastly, you shouldn’t be afraid of losing your data, even if your Chromebook is stolen, lost or damaged beyond repair. Valuable data are already transferred to the cloud for immediate access and recovery.

• Simple: It’s not a problem if you are not tech savvy, Chromebooks are fully usable for any less technical user. Even during a major problem, Chrome OS may reset back to the original factory settings. Chrome OS is virtually maintenance free and it’s one less thing to worry about, if you have a busy life. Chromebook automatically gets in sync to obtain the latest updates from Google.

• More secure: Chrome OS is one of the most secure platforms in the market. As comparison, Windows OS is highly vulnerable, because it’s the prime target for viruses and malware. Cybercriminals are also eager to hack into a Windows machine, but there’s much less interest on Chrome OS hacking. The system can automatically detect changes to the system core and performs recovery.

• Private browsing: Chrome OS is built around browsing capability. Browsing experience with Chromebook is often more private and more secure. Chromebook offers the incognito mode to prevent people from knowing your identity. You may use the Guest Mode, so all browsing history entries, downloads and changes are removed when you log out. It’s a good thing to do if you want to browse untrusted websites.

• Cheaper: It’s easy to notice that Chromebooks are cheaper than ordinary laptops. Many Chromebooks are available for just $200. Windows laptops and MacBooks can’t compete to achieve the same performance-to-price ratio. Chrome OS is a fast platform and apps will feel snappy.

• Plenty of free apps: Play Store is now fully accessible by Chromebook users. So, users can potentially choose between millions of apps out there. Chrome Web Store is a special app marketplace for Chromebooks and most of the apps are also free to download. You may even open MS Office or Adobe Photoshop through the cloud.

Kid friendly: With its ease of use, low cost, security and high portability, Chromebooks are great first laptops for kids. Chromebooks also support parental controls to prevent exposure to questionable online content.