Game Review – Scrap ‘Em

Strategy games have come a long way, but the basic premise of using your brain to beat your opponents remains true even to this day. It’s a fantastic way to test yourself to see how creative you can be. There are many strategy games available for your smartphone but not many of them will push your skills to the limits. To make the search easier for you, we looked and we found one incredibly exciting and fun to play strategy game all strategy lovers need to try.

What is Scrap ‘Em?

Scrap ‘Em is an exciting and yet quite challenging strategy game which is developed for iOS users, offering you the chance to test your strategy skills by building and protecting your towers while in the same time you smash things with your car. With sharp graphics and cool sounds, the game offers you to be a part of the alien invasion, protecting your safe house by strategically building different defenses and driving your vehicle around the map to smash the aliens before they get to the safe house.

How to play Scrap ‘Em?

You begin with the safe house in the center of the map which you must protect at all cost by deploying and fortifying towers, driving your garbage truck or other vehicles around the map. Place towers around the citadel by dragging them onto the map and send your garbage truck to problem areas of the map by tapping on the screen. The tower can be built as baseball towers to knock out the aliens, gum towers to stop the aliens in their tracks, or mortar towers to blow the aliens off the map.

Upgrade your towers to fortify your position and set fences to control the flow of aliens in your map. Don’t leave it just to your defenses, use your vehicles to smash the aliens starting with a garbage truck and work your way up to a sports car, bus, or tank. Use power-ups to clear a map, repair a car, get a motorcycle that drives itself around the map shooting aliens, and get an energy wave that clears the map or a healing power-up to heal your safe house or defenses. Work your way across forest, ice, and desert maps and try the endless mode to see how far you can go before the aliens win.

Download the game for free now on the App Store to strategically build and protect towers, smashing the aliens!