New Features of Android Q Are Revealed By XDA Developers

Another Android version is being prepared and it’s expected to include a host of new features. After the Android 9.0 Pie, this could be the next best Android version. Dubbed Android Q, it should improve upon earlier Android versions in various ways. XDA Developers claimed that they have acquired an early build of the Android Q.

First of all, XDA Developers discovered a system-wide dark mode in Android Q. Android 9.0 Pie also comes with a dark mode feature, but it isn’t system-wide. When enabled, the system-wide dark mode will cause all interfaces and apps to uniformly flaunt darker tones. There are also other important tweaks that may come with the Android Q.

XDA Developers also found a feature in Android Q that may allow users to revert to earlier version of an app. New permissions called package to enable rollback and package rollback executed may hint this new capability. This is a crucial feature to have when a newly updated app is unexpectedly unstable. It means that users can rollback to an earlier version and wait until the developer provides a fix for the problem.

It also appears that Android Q no longer automatically allows apps to read clipboards. Right now, apps have direct access to clipboards, making it easy to copy and paste text across the apps. Google considers this capability as a security risk, so this capability is made into new permission, which will be called ‘Read clipboard in the background’. If refused, apps can’t read clipboard automatically, so users will need to manually re-type the text. At the moment, when users copy username, password, PIN or other critical information into the clipboard, a bad app may automatically read the clipboard and silently send the information to cyber criminals.

Although this change may potentially make Android Q less convenient to use, it will be more secure. Other than these changes, there are a plethora of other handy updates and improvements for Android fans this year. It’s worth knowing that none of these features has been confirmed officially by Google.