Track the Time Spent on Projects & Tasks with Agile Log

People who are working on projects and tasks sometimes need to track their time. Tracking time can help you to learn how long different tasks take or to make sure that a flat-rate project doesn’t cost more money to complete than it brings in. What is the best tool for tracking you time? Nowadays, there are apps to help you track time directly from your phone. We looked and found an amazing productivity app to help you track time for your projects and tasks effortlessly.

What is Agile Log?

Agile Log is a practical, helpful and efficient productivity app especially created as a time tracker, offered to users that like to track their time with a single tap. The app is easy to use and developed for oOS users so they can generate time-sheets and earnings reports effortlessly so they can track the time directly from their phones. Gain an instant overview over the projects and tasks you are working on down to the minutest details easily with this time tracker and manager.

Why do we love Agile Log?

This productivity app offers various features that will give you the chance to manage and track the time you’ve spent on your tasks and projects without much effort. With the help of this app you can easily identify the most time-consuming tasks and thereby help you manage your projects better. Track your time with ease and allow the app to automatically generate charts to help you understand your projects better. The time-sheets will generated automatically over days, weeks or months.

On the app, you can automatically generate earnings or cost reports so you can see how much you should charge your customers or as help so you can control the cost of the project better. With a few taps you can track your time and earnings automatically so you can focus on t what you do best leaving the tedious work to be done on the app for you.

Download the app for free on App Store to track your time with ease and gain instant overview of your projects!

Official Website: Agile Log

App Store Download Link: Agile Log