Recent Developments on Foldable Smartphone Technology

Advanced smartphone technologies are introduced each year and it appears that future designs will focus on physical flexibility. This includes flexible display and battery. This will allow smartphones to become foldable. Here are flexible models that may hit the market:

Samsung: Late last year, Samsung gave us a brief glimpse of their first foldable design. It is believed that the model will be called Galaxy Flex or Galaxy F. It may make an official debut sometime this year.

Xiaomi: After Samsung, Xiaomi was another major vendor that grabbed headlines, also with their first foldable design. Samsung’s foldable design seems to feature tablet-sized display and a smaller display in the interior. Xiaomi offers a more rectangular display design. If users want a smaller form factor, they can fold the edges of the device backwards. Xiaomi’s foldable smartphone may also appear later this year.

Motorola: During the pre-smartphone era, the original Motorola RAZR was popular with its flip design. It appears that the company seeks to relive the sweet memory by offering a foldable design. The company hasn’t made any official confirmation about this, but recently, there was a patent filing of a smartphone that can be folded away. Motorola and its parent company, Lenovo may soon unveil its official confirmation.

Huawei: In October last year, Richard Yu, the CEO of Huawei has confirmed that the company is working on phones with foldable designs. It is said that the foldable device will be marketed as Huawei Mate X. In fact, Richard Yu promised that their first 5G smartphone model will have foldable screen and it will be announced officially in Barcelona this month.

LG: LG is still keeping things under wraps, when it comes to foldable smartphone design. They haven’t teased anything, regardless of some patent filings. We still don’t know how the foldable device could end up looking like. Recently, LG announced a 4K TV that could be rolled up when not being used, so they may share the same technology.

Apple: When discussing latest smartphone technology, we always need to include Apple. However, the company remains secretive about this. The only hint was Apple’s patent filing about folding display for mobile devices.