Recommended Play Styles for Apex Legends Characters

Character selection is important when playing Apex Legends. Each character has unique abilities and this affects how you should play each.

Bangalore (Professional Shooter)

Bangalore has the unique ability to fire smoke canister that explodes on impact. You may also enable the Double Time ability to briefly move faster while sprinting, which is critical when you are taking fire. The ultimate ability is called Rolling Thunder, which is a massive artillery barrage that creeps slowly across the battlefield. When choosing Bangalore, you will play as a basic, regular soldier. Her abilities work best if you could do rapid repositioning and not staying too long in one place. Bangalore could also become a decent support character for setting up a flank or covering the team during a reposition. Beware that although the Rolling Thunder ability is powerful, you need to be in a fairly close range with the enemy to use it. It takes quick thinking and good reflex to pull this off successfully.

Bloodhound (Technological Tracker)

The Eye of the Allfather allows Bloodhound to reveal hidden traps and enemies throughout structures and landscape. Tracker is the ability to see tracks of the opposing teams. The ultimate ability is the Beast of the Hunt, which enables enhanced senses to highlight foes and move faster to dispatch them. When playing as Bloodhound, it’s your responsibility to clear a potentially-dangerous structure. You also need to be aware of potential ambushes. The Tracker ability has limited usefulness, but you may use it at high-traffic area to check whether there were enemies not too long ago. Beast of the Hunt is far more effective when combined with Eye of the Allfather. In the last phase of the game, the team could be in a confined indoor area. Knowing where the enemies are and which way to turn can make a huge difference. Anyone who plays as the Bloodhound should have good communication ability and acceptable pings.

Caustic (Toxic Trapper)

Caustic can throw canisters of poisonous Nox gas, which is not only damaging but can also obscure your position. With the Nox Vision ability, you can see enemies through the Nox gas. The ultimate ability of Caustic is Nox Gas Grenade that blankets the battlefield with the Nox gas. Caustic could set up Nox gas traps at tight spots. Nearing the end of the game, the player should combine the ultimate ability, Nox Gas Grenade with the Nox Vision ability. This works well when there’s minimal cover between the teams. When implemented correctly, the opposing team will be in a very vulnerable position.

Gibraltar (Shielded Fortress)

When the Dome of Protection ability is enabled, Gibraltar will get a dome shield that can block any attack for fifteen seconds. Gun Shield is a good ability when taking heavy fire, because the player may aim down the sight while deploying the shield. The ultimate ability of Gibraltar is called Defensive Bombardment that calls in concentrated mortar fire on a position. Gibraltar should stay at the front and seek to draw fire from the opposing team with the Dome of Protection ability enabled, so teammates can achieve kills more easily. This requires good communication and coordination between members of the team. Gibraltar can be used to flank the enemy too, by unexpectedly rushing close to the enemy and quickly use the Gun Shield ability. Use Defensive Bombardment when needed, especially if enemies are spotted gathering in a small area.

Lifeline (Combat Medic)

D.O.C Heal Drone is a useful ability when more than one teammates need to be healed quickly. Combat Medic ability sets up a shield wall, so Lifeline can revive knocked down teammates 25 per cent faster while being protected. Care Package is the ultimate ability that drops excellent defensive gears. Lifeline has a clearly defined support role with the goal of providing faster healing and revival for teammates. Early in the game, when playing as Lifeline, you need to use Care Package as often as possible, so the whole squad could get better gears. However, be careful when using the Care Package late in the game. It may give away the position of your team, although you may use it as a lure to ambush opposing teams. Lifeline players should realize that the team has traded some firepower for enhanced healing ability, so they always need to keep an eye on the health of the team members. If a teammate is taking heavy fire, Lifeline players should proactively make an approach, because the cornered teammate may need to be revived very soon.

Mirage (Holographic Trickster)

With the Psyche Out ability enabled, Mirage can confuse the enemy with a holographic decoy. Encore! is an automatic passive ability. When Mirage is knocked down, a decoy is dropped and the character is cloaked for five seconds. Vanishing Act is the ultimate ability of the Mirage, by deploying a team of decoys to distract an opposing team, while the original team is cloaked temporarily. When playing as Mirage, you should distract an opposing team with illusions, while other teammates are moving into position for flanking attacks. When being overpowered, Mirage could become the rear guard to delay the enemy, while teammates are withdrawing.

Pathfinder (Forward Scout)

Pathfinder’s Grappling Hook ability allows players to reach inaccessible to other players. The Insider Knowledge allows Pathfinder to reveal the next location of the ring. The ultimate ability is the Zipline Gun, that gives each teammate a zipline. When there’s a pathfinder in the team, the strategy is to move swiftly around the map using paths not accessible for opposing teams. It takes careful consideration to strategically reposition the team around enemies and surprise them. Pathfinder may also clear the path for the team to check potential ambush spot or prepare an ambush against opposing teammates. Pathfinder may also pin down enemies by setting up harassing fire from unexpected spots. This will distract the opposing team, which makes them vulnerable to surprise attacks from the rear or flanks.

Wraith (Interdimensional Skirmisher)

Into the Void is a useful ability for the Wraith, which allows players to avoid damage by moving quickly through void space. Voices from the Void is the ability to get warning against approaching danger. Dimensional Rift is a powerful ultimate ability, which is a portal that opens for 60 seconds to move the whole team instantly between two locations. Wraiths should immediately seek to set up surprise attacks and guide the team to do that. Wraith could also be used like Pathfinder to move the entire team, but much more quickly. However, it is important to choose the right location when using portals. Poor planning will cause the whole team to emerge at the wrong spot, which may lead to quick annihilation.