Considering Whether You Should Upgrade Your Smartphone or Not

There are many reasons why people still use their old handsets. It could be due to budget constraints, while others think that their existing devices work perfectly well. In many cases, new smartphone models are just minor iterations of the previous ones. So, the performance level and features are nearly identical with your current handset. This applies to many Android model series. On the other hand, Apple releases a new major upgrade of the iPhone with significant improvement in terms of hardware performance, software update and features.

In the Android space, manufacturers constantly release new models to increase their portfolio and increase sales, while ensuring that they can cater to all market segments. A new model could be catered to people who have different budget situations, or preferences to a specific style or features. Upgrading to a new smartphone isn’t cheap and easy. In many cases, sticking to your current model could be wiser, if you are casual users and you know how to take care of your device. But, upgrading to a new model could give you a lot of benefits. Here are a few things to consider:

Design: People love particular designs for obvious reasons. As an example, some people are still stuck with the iPhone SE because it has a rugged build and comfortable grip. Many smartphones are getting bigger and thinner, with at least 5.5-inch display, which doesn’t allow a good grip.

Hardware: Each model usually offers better compatibility and faster processing power. If you postpone buying a new phone, you may get reduced performance and compatibility, because developers regularly release new versions of their apps. You need to consider whether you should get better performance. Many people use their phones only for instant messaging, social media, voice calls and occasional video streaming. They never play games. If this is your situation, a mid-range or even some entry-level devices could be more than enough.

Features: Some features are groundbreaking, while others are gimmicky. A feature may matter much for some people, but you may not care about it. As an example, selfie lovers would love to have night shots or bokeh shots for the front-facing camera, but you may prefer advanced biometrics sensors for extra security instead.

3D illustration by Quince Media