Game Review – The Shapeshifting Detective

If you want to take your passion for mystery beyond reading books and explore some detective games that you can play on your smartphone, we have some good news for you. Many of these crime games are available for your phone so you can test your detective skills as you try to solve the crime and catch the one who did it. To make it easier for you, we looked and found one incredible crime game that offers you all this and will get you addicted to playing fast.

What is The Shapeshifting Detective?

The Shapeshifting Detective is an exciting and addictive crime game that is developed for iOS users, to test your detective skills as you try to catch the killer. In this supernatural noir-murder mystery FMV game you can play a detective who can shapeshift into other characters to unlock secrets. The game features more than 1600 full HD video responses, a simple questioning interface, with unique delete mechanic and randomly chosen murderer at the start of the game.

How to play this crime game?

Your job on this crime game is to investigate, stop the killer and solve the murder. Dorota Shaw is dead and the prime suspects are three tarot readers with uncanny ability to predict a murder or commit it. Your task will be to find out what else they know but they won’t reveal their secrets to anyone so luckily for you, you can be anyone you want to. The game offers in-game radio station featuring short dark fiction plays between visits as well for a branching storyline and randomly chosen murderer.

Delete questions you don’t want to ask. The game also offers a large multi-location, multi-suspect FMV world to explore with voiceovers from original actors and even get a taxi cab instead of using a map screen. Investigate and manipulate relationships by shapeshifting in other characters, enjoying the suspense and the catalytic events, and remember every choice you make in the game matters.

Download the game for free now on the App Store to test your detective skills and try to solve the murder!

Official Website: The Shapeshifting Detective

App Store Download Link: The Shapeshifting Detective