BULK – Powerful Workout Tracker & Meal Planner

If you’ve got a fitness goal, a personal trainer can lay out a plan for you, make sure you stay on track, and call you out when you’re slacking. They can also take all your money. Because it’s 2019, there are some genius apps that work almost as well as a real-life human trainer. To help you choose the best one among so many of these apps available, we looked and found an amazing workout app to help you gain healthy weight and build muscles. Let’s talk more about this workout trainer.

What is BULK all about?

BULK is an amazing workout app that is developed for iOS users as your own personal trainer that teaches you how to gain weight and build muscles. With this easy to use and yet efficient fitness app, you will be able to gain healthy weight, build muscles, track your weight and log your calories so you can easily improve your routine in and out of the gym. In one single app, you can get access to tons of workouts and recipes that can help you reach your goal, directly on your iPhone. Based on our experience this ia great all-in-one fitness app, which means you can get rid from lots of other apps you have and use just BULK!

How to use it

When you open the app, the first thing you need to do is go through the registration process. This means that you need to give the app details about your weight, height, targeted body area, and similar questions. Once you pass through the registration, the app will recommend you custom workout plans and meal plans that will lead you to your targeted goal.

Workout plans

This workout app offers all you need in one place and it starts with the tailored workout plan and the detailed workout for each plan. The tailored workout programs are based on an initial fitness assessment (based on the data you provided in the registration process), but it is changing and adjusting over time.

What’s great about this is that each workout includes the right amount of weights, set and reps to perform the best and stimulate muscle to grow. You will also know exactly what to do, as there are descriptions and animated GIFs which show how to do a specific workout. The rest is up to you!

Customized meal plans, recipes, calorie tracker

Another core feature of BULK is the customized meal plans (premium plan). They are available and generated weekly so you can reach your nutrition goals with daily Macro charts, food group distribution, built-in calorie counter. To keep you focused to your goal, there is meals log to keep track of meals, grocery tracker generated on the fly with photos, ingredients, and directions for each recipe suitable on your preferences and calorie goals.

Tracking your weight is one of the things that will keep you focused and motivated, and BULK enables you to do that – you can monitor your weight and muscle size.

Being cross-platform, you can integrate the app with Wear OS to view workout summary for the day as well with Google Fit, linking your profile and syncing your workouts and exercise data.

Download the workout app for free on the App Store (it is also available for Android) now to improve your routine in and out of the gym!

Official Website: BULK

App Store Download Link: BULK

Google Play Download Link: BULK