Weird and Wacky Online Games

f there’s one thing the Internet’s good for, it’s giving highly creative people a place to share their work. And when it comes to online games, it seems the sky is the limit (or maybe it isn’t) for just how zany, crazy and out-there developers can get! We take a look at just a few of the most unusual, weird and wacky online games you could be falling in love with (or perhaps just scratching your head at) right now.

The Great Sperm Race

The controls might be simple, but the stakes couldn’t be higher in The Great Sperm Race! Race against 250,000,000 other sperm cells, overcoming obstacles and making your way through potentially hostile environments in your mission to become the one who finally gets to fertilize the egg. Only the best can win, and you’ll need intense concentration to come out victorious.

Granny Strikes Back

She might like to live the quiet life in her quaint little cottage deep in the forest, but this is one silver-haired avenger you don’t want to mess with! When a flying saucer crashes near her home, her cottage comes under attack by nasty snow monsters out to steal her famous raspberry jam – but Granny’s not giving in quite so easily. With some surprisingly epic fighting action, you’ll need to help Granny grab powerups like frying pans and harvest additional ammo from sunflowers to keep the beasts at bay. Granny Strikes Back might be more than a little ridiculous, but we think it’s wacky and crazy in all the right ways!

‘WTF?!’ – A side-scrolling satire on the wildly popular World of Warcraft


There aren’t many games that include historical thinkers like Karl Marx, Machiavelli, Sigmund Freud, and Mary Daly – let alone the opportunity to fight them – but now you can thank to the strange folks at High fantasy meets Western philosophy in this very unusual game, which aside from its odd premise is pretty straightforward to play and will appeal to RPG fans as a whole.

As the developers themselves put it, “It’s an ideological revolt, or perhaps it’s just ideologically revolting… Think WoW meets social theory meets game studies.

If you’re in the mood for something different, we think this game has a lot to offer – and you might just expand your world view in the process!

Bitcoin Video Slots

Online video slots are far and away the most popular form of online gambling. Colourful, simple to play, entertaining, and with the chance to actually win something tangible for your efforts, it’s not hard to see why they hold such mass appeal – both in real-world casinos and in the huge online casino game market. And while there are hundreds of video slot games out there to choose from, this one offers something uniquely different with its cryptocurrency twist! Feeling lucky? Play Bitcoin Video Slots and stand the chance to win big – having loads of fun in the process.

Mister Mosquito

Ever wanted to find out what it’s like to be a mosquito? Us neither, but that was until we stumbled across this game! In Mister Mosquito, you take on the role of one of these infamous bloodsuckers – but you’ve got a few tricks up your sleeve when it comes to terrorizing the household! Family not providing you with the right opportunity to strike? Create a diversion by flying into a light switch, plunging the room into darkness and giving you the chance to make your move when they least expect it! Of course, you can also expect a fair deal of resistance and will have to do battle with the folks in the household as they attempt to squash you.  Mister Mosquito is definitely weird, but it’s also weirdly addictive!

QWOP – The game that proves running really is harder than it looks

You are Qwop, our small nation’s sole representative at the Olympic Games. Use the QWOP keys to move your legs. Ideally, you will run 100 meters… but our training program was under-funded.”

With just four controls – two for thighs and two for calves – to recreate a set of motions that we’ve all managed at some point in our lives, QWOP is mind-blowingly tricky! The challenge lies in finding the right rhythm, pressing the keys in the right order and for the right amount of time to prevent your runner from falling over, and hopefully get them past the 100-meter mark.  Spoiler alert: it’s really easy to fall over.

This game is a marvellous time-waster, and you’ll come away with a much greater appreciation of the human form – while also discovering the very obvious reason most mammals have stuck with four legs rather than two.