Some New Smartphone Models Will Have Google Assistant Buttons

Google announced recently that devices from Nokia, LG, Vivo, TCL and Xiaomi will have Google Assistant buttons. To be specific, these device models include LG K40, LG G8 ThinQ, Nokia 4.2, Nokia 3.2, Xiaomi Mi 9, Xiami Mi MIX 3 5G and Vivo V15 Pro. When users press the button once, the Assistant feature is enabled. Double press will show visual snapshots that show relevant information, such as upcoming schedules. When the button is long pressed, the voice to text feature is enabled, so Assistant will listen for dictation, for sending emails, text message or instant messages.

Chipset makers, including Qualcomm and MediaTek will release hardware to better support AI-driven experiences. Hardware support will make software becomes smoother, faster and smarter. Google Assistant is based on artificial intelligence to provide more relevant and flexible answers to any question. It is not the first time manufacturers add a button to launch voice assistant. As an example, the Samsung Galaxy S8 has Bixby button, which is used by the Galaxy S10 as well. Google Assistant button was also available on LG V40 ThinQ and LG G7 ThinQ. Because artificial intelligence will become more mature and influential in our daily lives, users should have faster access to Assistant.

Google Assistant itself is improving and expanding in capabilities. The AI of Google Assistant will show possible links based on your message chains. So, links provided to you will be relevant to your preferences and activities. Voice commands capabilities have been integrated into Google Maps. So, users may use ask through Google Assistant to get directions and alternative routes. Google Assistant also gets support for new Indic languages, Urdu, Malayalam, Kannada, Gujarati, Telugu, Tamil, Bengali and Marathi. Better multilingual support will make Assistant becomes more available globally. The aim of Google Assistant is to allow users to communicate with their devices in a natural way.